MUNICH, Germany, November 7 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2008 the Munich broadcasting group DELUXE launches a world first: broadcasting 24 hours a day in DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1. For the first time, a TV broadcaster makes it possible for the viewer to receive TV programs in surround sound around the clock. DELUXE, the first music station for adults, achieves with DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 a multi-channel surround sound format with six separate audio channels - exactly the high quality standard that suits the premium programming of the DELUXE play list.

"This is a quantum leap for television entertainment, and marks the development of our premium selection," says Markus Langemann (43), founder and CEO of the music broadcasting group that comprises four TV and two radio programs, during a press conference during the media days in Munich. "DELUXE not only brought back the 24 hour music station to the adult viewer; with the transmission of the program in DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 - 24 hours a day - music television becomes great music cinema. In this way, DELUXE takes a leading solo position in the market."

For Cosmin Ene (32), co-founder and Director of Business Development, the next milestone in the development of the company is thus achieved. "After the launch of the three additional, new TV channels (DELUXE ROCK, DELUXE SOUL and DELUXE GROOVE) and an additional 24 hour radio station (DELUXE LOUNGE RADIO), the development of an internet portal with a download store, the production of our own studio concerts, and the publication of numerous CDs through our own record label, SASHIMI RECORDS, in 2007, a very successful year for DELUXE is coming to an close."

The launch of DELUXE took place on the April 1, 2005. The program is available Europe-wide and unencrypted over the ASTRA 1H satellite, position 19, 2 degrees East, and also through an increasing number of cable providers in Germany and Europe. In addition, DELUXE can be received cost-free on the internet via live stream. Further information can be accessed at:

Press Contact: For press inquiries, please contact Ms. Eszter Molnar DELUXE TELEVISION GmbH Münchener Strasse 101 v 85737 Ismaning Tel: +49-89-24-20-39-16 Fax +49-89-24-20-39-19

Press Contact: For press inquiries, please contact Ms. Eszter Molnar, Deluxe Television GmbH, Münchener Strasse 101 v, 85737 Ismaning, Tel: +49-89-24-20-39-16, Fax: +49-89-24-20-39-19,