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Yamaha Corporation (TSE 1st Section 7951, Headquarters: 10-1 Nakazawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka; President: Mitsuru Umemura; hereinafter, Yamaha) has announced the development of its YMU809 audio codec IC that brings high-quality audio processing and hands-free functions to personal navigation devices (PNDs), mobile phones, and other devices. Yamaha plans to begin sample shipments of the YMU809 ICs on June 12, 2008.

In recent years, sales of PNDs featuring hands-free functions are expanding. And demand for improvement of voice sound quality in mobile phones is also rising. The YMU809 improves voice sound quality of mobile devices. In addition to offering high-quality, high-performance audio processing, which is based on Yamaha proprietary AudioEngine(TM) technology, it incorporates echo-canceling and noise-suppression functions that minimize the sound-quality deterioration that occurs in hands-free telecommunication. By integrating all the necessary functions for sound, which is audio and voice, the YMU809 can offer an easy-to-use system for PND, mobile phone and other devices.

Yutaro Nakano, Director of Sales of Yamaha's semiconductor business, commented, "The YMU809 is an input/output device for a broad range of audio and voice sources handled by mobile devices, including phone voice, navigation voice, music, video and broadcast. We believe there will be major demand for the YMU809 in the mobile device market."

Principal Features of the YMU809

1. Built-in, high-quality audio processing based on AudioEngine(TM) technology Incorporates a wealth of high-sound quality, high-performance functions that give high-quality sound output through small-diameter speakers and headphones, including surround acoustic field processing for multi-channel audio. Also, it incorporates compressed audio decoders for low power consuming devices.

2. Built-in, hands-free operation and other functions for improvement in quality of conversational voice processing Incorporates hands-free functions, such as echo canceling and noise suppression, are optimized for PNDs and mobile phones. The noise suppression function operates for both transmitting and receiving, and, used in combination with the speech speed control function and voice quality improvement functions based on AudioEngine(TM) technology, the YMU809 can provide voice transmission and reception that is clear and easy to understand even in noisy environments.

3. Total management of sound output and input Incorporates audio quality ADC/DAC, a mixer and wider range of analog and digital inputs/outputs so that the YMU809 can manage all types of audio and voice sources handled by mobile devices.

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