GUILFORD, Connecticut, March 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Zenith Biotech is a global life sciences company dedicated to providing high quality stem cells, media, reagents and stem cell-based model systems for a wide variety of cell types and applications. The StemQ product line includes stem cells, media, matrix and reagents tested and qualified for a wide variety of cell types and applications. Zenith's proprietary media formulations are designed to support specific lineage stages such as growth of the stem cells, differentiation into a specific lineage stage and maintenance of stem cells, progenitors and differentiated cell types. StemQ(R) products are rigorously tested and qualified for each application in an FDA registered ISO certified facility. Zenith's revolutionary StemQ(R) products are designed and qualified to simplify using stem cell technology by making it more user-friendly. Easy to use stem cell products and cellular models enable discoveries that are more physiologically relevant.

StemQ(R) Hepatic Model: Together with academic and big Pharma partners Zenith is developing a novel hepatocyte model for use in drug discovery, metabolism and toxicology studies. StemQ(R) HepatoGro(TM) media for growth, StemQ(R) HeapatoMain(TM) maintenance media and StemQ(R) HepatoDiff(TM) for differentiation available along with StemQ(R) Liver Biomatrix coated plates. StemQ(R)Hepatic Model will revolutionize how hepatocytes are used in research and drug development preclinical studies.

StemQ(R) Neural Model: Human neural progenitor cells (hNPCs) isolated from different brain regions are now available from Zenith. Together with StemQ(R) NeuroGro(TM) media for growth and StemQ(R) NeuroDiff(TM) media for differentiation, hNPCs are scalable and proven to differentiate into many neural sub-types. Each hNPC line is fully characterized to determine differentiation potential. Zenith's StemQ(R) NeuroGro(TM) growth media makes it possible to scale hNPCs without transforming the cells. StemQ(R) NeuroDiff(TM) media differentiates the hNPCs into mature functional neurons ready for use in your applications.

Embryo Culture ES Cell:

Zenith launches a complete line of mouse embryo media products for flushing and rinsing embryos, removal of cumulus cells, microinjecitons and in vitro culturing for the derivation of mouse embryonic stem cell lines. In collaboration with Dr. John Biggers and Zenith's parent company, a world leader in human IVF media, Zenith is making available to the research market Evolve(R) KSOMaa-a new improved and modified KSOMaa. In addition Zenith introduces their StemQ(R) complete line of mouse embryonic stem (ES) cell lines; primary mouse embryonic fibroblast feeder cells (PMEFs), media and reagents. To complete the product line, Zenith offers high quality media and reagents that are tested on ES cells and qualified to support the optimal performance of mouse ES cells for use in the production of genetically modified mice.

Air and gas quality inside incubators and laboratory - an important factor in stem cell

Coda(R) technology for Air Purification and Filtration of Contaminants removes particulates and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from inside incubators, gas supply lines, and laboratory room air. VOCs can have significant detrimental effects on stem cells. VOCs are too small to be trapped by HEPS filters. Coda(R) filters are common-sense safety devices that serve to protect the stem cells from unforeseen Volatile Organic Contaminants (VOCs) commonly present inside incubators, gas lines and laboratories such as Styrene, Benzene, Toluene, Formaldehydes, Ethanol etc and other contaminants. Coda(R) Technology, proven for safety and performance over 10 years has become a standard safety device in human IVF labs worldwide. We encourage stem cells groups to perform comparative studies of stem cell culture with and without Coda(R) technology. Protect the integrity and function of stem cells, protect your results, time and resources spend to achieve optimal cell performance.

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