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Alan Burke
About Alan I am a graduate of Canada's Royal Military College with a double major B.Sc. in mathematics and physics. I started a master's degree in software engineering but did not complete because I was being challenged more at the time (early 1970's) by my job, where I continued to explore the edges of possibility including neural networks and genetic adaptation applications to the real world. My career has centred upon zero-defect software defect development in several fields but my biggest interest has been public safety and emergency response. That included developing an early interest in remote sensing and geospatial information systems. I am deeply concerned about the safety issues associated with the consequences of anthropogenic climate change and I seek ways to avoid them where possible and adapt where not. Because of my ongoing interest in science rather than just software, I began advocacy for bridging the gap in understanding between the public and scientists. I am now retired but continue that ambassadorial role, writing frequently in Canada's Globe & Mail newspaper and CBC online to counter the active and disturbing campaign of disinformation I see underway concerning the science of climate change; described eloquently by Oreskes and Conway in their new book "The Merchants of Doubt". Over the past 4 years or so, I have built a website acting as a reference point for my online commentary in what are very crippled mainstream media commentary sections attached to newspaper articles, citing reputable studies. The site is here:
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