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About Quentin I'm a design engineer, with a deep interest and respect for the scientific method. I am taking steps to study at a university in the fields of the physical sciences and philosophy. I have a special interest in energy related science. This began with my father showing me Einstein's E=mc2 equation during my eighth time around the sun. That so much energy was locked up all around was truly amazing to me. This spurned, at first unconsciously, a desire to become an 'energy locksmith'. Years later, at my local polytechnic college, I learned of the laws of thermodynamics, and just how thoroughly difficult this 'career' choice would be. I also enjoy cosmology, due to its all encompassing range of understanding required to truly grasp physical nature, from sub-atomic distances to the ends of the universe. I am finding in my explorations that consciousness is often tacked onto science as a kind of side dish. As I believe there is no separation between physicality and consciousness, you will also find me participating in discussions that will explore this belief, and hopefully re-shape it into exciting new versions. Particular scientists who inspire me are Richard Feynman, with his call to 'keep it real'. Also Max Tegmark and Nicola Tesla (not quite a scientist, more a man of action). I will occasionally refer to, where appropriate, a friends book who I helped edit. His ideas suggest extensions to the laws of thermodynamics and explore the concepts of order that derive from these laws. It can be found at www.everythingforever.com
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