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About Ron Ron Rubio is the author of the book, ‘Mind/Body Techniques for Asperger’s Syndrome - Way of the Pathfinder’ – Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London 2008. This is a unique book in the field due to its emphasis on physical movement and breath/body awareness in conjunction with developing self-confidence and social ease. Ron Rubio has been mentoring young people since the early 1980’s when he started as a professional dance/movement teacher. After beginning his martial arts training in 1981, Ron began developing a system of Mind/body training, refining it through the 80’s and 90’s, that combined the qualities of the performing arts: quality stage presence, creative thinking, body alignment and strength, with that of the martial arts: the awareness of being in the ‘Now’, spatial awareness, problem solving, dynamic energy in healing, and most importantly, the virtues of truth, courage, perseverance and service in everyday living. Today, he continues his mentoring of young people through his private one-on-one practice that he began in 1990 in Woodstock, NY. He also serves as a consultant to schools on their growing population of students with autism including Asperger’s Syndrome in New York, Oregon and in California. Ron was the Alternative P.E teacher for the ASPIE School in NY directed by Dr. Valerie Paradiz from 2000-03. He is also the ‘Warrior Mentor’ consultant for Idea Champions, NY - a think tank for corporate training in innovative approaches to successful leadership since 2005. Ron has a strong clientele in New York, while also maintaining a practice in Oregon, where some of his family lives, and in California, where he enjoys the ocean with his wife. In his spare time, despite traveling and working in 3 states, Ron continues to study aikido - he is preparing to receive his promotion to 5th degree blackbelt, the practice of archery, and last but not least, the important sport of Frisbee!
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