No, this is not about Physics. No, you are probably not interested. No, this blog is not only about science. I sometimes use it as -guess what- a log book, a diary. A habit I have learned five years ago, as I walked my first steps in the world of blogging, here. They (the organizers of "Quantum Diaries") wanted me to write about my life, and they got it. I learned a job, and some weird habits, like talking about my private life in public. It never caused much trouble, not nearly as much as just writing good articles on particle physics!

So, all the above just to introduce a few lines describing where I am, and what the heck am I doing in this hot summer in the post-ICHEP2010 era. Easy to do: I am in Athens after three weeks spent lazily in beautiful Elafonisos, a tiny island south of Peloponnesos. While Elafonisos offered rest, Caribbean-blue waters (but I would say better-than-Caribbean-blue, really), and peace of mind, Athens offers different things -a lot of them.

I will spend the better part of tomorrow morning in the Acropolis, and the rest of the day just walking around and visiting the city. Sunday will be devoted to the Archaeological Museum, and little else since we are bound to embark in Patras in the evening, for a 32-hour trip to Venice.

Athens is beautiful in August: traffic is at a minimum. I arrived in the afternoon, and was able to spend some time in the city center. What surprised me the most so far, however, was the bathroom of my hotel room: from the Jacuzzi I can watch television. Don't call that progress - that will make Ford roll in his grave.