Okay, I am coming out for the interest of Science.

I read today this article, which does not really say anything new to me, but for some reason triggered my wish to speak up about the condition. The article explains clearly that some people have a twisted connection in their nerves, sort of a short-circuit, which makes them sneeze when they think about sex (others have the same kind of problem making them sneeze when they are looking at bright light sources, e.g. the sun).

I believe the condition is not as uncommon as it is alleged to be, and the main reason of this underestimate is the fact that people rarely like to speak about such a tale-telling "knee-jerk" reaction that can signal, to the alert observer, the most hidden thoughts in their mind.

I must say I find the whole thing just amusing, and it does in no means impair my sexual life. Actually, women usually are quite amused when I explain the matter to them. Besides, I quite rarely sneeze during sex; it is more like a reaction to a sexual thought than to the real thing. Still, occasionally it does betray my thoughts to my partner. Not to worry - if you are a keen observer, many other signs will tell you just about as much if not more about the person you spend your time with.

So why am I telling all this to you ? I guess I would like to say there is nothing really shameful in the matter. The fact that researchers believe this is a uncommon condition, and the dearth of patients who acknowledge it, have probably hindered a deeper study of the phenomenon. I believe it may have a genetic origin, and it would be actually interesting to know more of the topic. Writing about these things here has usually brought more knowledge to me, because the chance that a knowledgeable reader teaches me something is significant.