The presentations of the last few days at the Neutrino Telescopes conference in Venice allowed me to get to full speed with the developments, new ideas, and new experiments taking data or just in design phase in this fascinating, relatively young field of investigation at the crossroads of particle physics and astrophysics.

The talk slides are online in the conference site, but as usual by just flipping them one usually does not manage to get the most important points. So I am providing summaries of every talk, at the conference blog site.

Yesterday I posted several articles there. Here is a list with links:

- Status of Gerda
- MEG results
- Neutrinoless double beta decay
- Program and results of EXO
- The KamLAND-Zen experiment
- Status of CUORE
- The scientific program of the Gran Sasso Laboratories
- Results of T2K
- Future neutrino projects in the US
- The HyperKamiokande project
- The Laguna project
- The LarGo Gamma Ray experiment
- A Super Beam for neutrino CP measurements
- Gianfranco Bertone: Identifying Dark Matter

In addition to these talk reports, in the blog you can find a dozen short summaries of all the posters that have been presented at the conference.