Well I know that not everyone's computer can do Youtube (especially if it is older or uses a less common OS). So Here I write the gist of what I said.

World Autism Awareness day was April 2nd 2008 as designated by the United Nations. Which was a good thing. However I think that a condition that effects 1/150 people on Earth needs a week or a month. Autistic people are neurologically different from the typical, average person. This varies form from being a handicap to a mild benefit in certain situations.

For example one person in my family was diagnosed with Autistm. I can see signs and symptoms of Autism in every person in my family. The way it manifest in me is as Asperger's Syndrome. The behaviors that go with this condition are sometimes associated with intellectual giftedness. I think that is simply a result of having a brain wired to focus on intellectual pursuits. Nothing more. The downsides are being less able to deal with social situations. Especially when in the middle of working on a problem.

I also point out the sad fact that though Autism is known to be caused by neurology or “hard wiring of the brain”. That yet and still people would rather cure it and make us typical than accept us for it. I send that information out to the transgendered activist and civilians who hang their whole identity on that very concept. Such hard wiring and genetics even when proved beyond any real doubt is not a door to acceptance.

The other topic is deep budget cuts made at our national laboratories. A total of 100 Million in cuts.

I talk about the effects that slowing down basic research will have long term. I also talk about the short term personal effects this will have on the lives of scientist. For the people being laid off at Argonne and Fermi are not just loosing a job. They are loosing a dream that takes a lifetime of work to realize. A dream that if I cannot be realized in the USA will be realized in and for the benefit of some other nation. Which is a really sad result all around.