Short summary: A scrap book of nonsense. Theologically, morally, astronomically and politically abysmal. The author would not be accepted for admission to a course on astronomy at a university, never mind actually pass such a course. And it’s a similar position for theology. Most of the book, 75%, is not even written by him but just copy / pasted from the internet. It is appalling to think that this book reached the #1 position for astronomy books in Kindle on Amazon, and #5 for paperback. I’ve asked them to take it down for breach of copyright.

I've been fielding numerous scared PM's as well as posts to our Facebook group Doomsday Debunked by young children who have been made anxious and scared to the point of suicide by the campaign by a sensationalist UK paper the Daily Express promoting his prophesies and his book. For some unfathomable reason their nonsense "articles" which surely have never been looked at by a science journalist go straight to the top of Google News. Young children, aged 13 and younger just go to Google News on their mobile device, click on the top result and read that the world is about to end according to David Meade. They believe it, and get terrified by this. Young adults too including parents with young children, they also fall for this hoax / myth too. 

Of those 108 pages about 75% is copy / past of other people's writings, and not even his own work. Whole chapters, and even sections longer than that, sections that are multiple chapters, are just copy / pasted from the internet. Sometimes he says “courtesy of" and sometimes he doesn’t even say it is copied and presents it as his own work.

I have attempted to contact those whose work he has copied and have heard back from the authors of at least a third of his book now. He did not have their permission. I have yet to hear from anyone who gave him permission to include their work.

One of these sections which he included without permission of its author, I would mark as definitely not suitable for young children. The author describes a dream by another author in which first the dreamer's wife and then he himself has his head cut off by a huge sword. It is not described in a lot of detail but I think it would scare a younger child.

He says the only way to survive the apocalypse and ascend to heaven is to pray to God saying you believe in Jesus and that you ask for forgiveness of your sins. That is all the spiritual advice he gives with a short prayer he recommends you make constantly to God, asking him to forgive you.

According to him, then Nibiru is simultaneously, seven years away from a flyby, visible as a very bright object through plexiglass in a plane above south America, and as an extremely bright object next to the sun as seen from Florida on one particular occasion.

He also says that the entire Earth will go dark at some point on the 5th October, and the Full Moon will also. That obviously hasn't happened. He recycles several old chestnuts such as the death of Robert Harrington, using 1980s articles to suggest we don't know what is perturbing the orbit of Neptune and Uranus - that was all sorted out several decades ago.

It's a mulch of BS basically. Not suitable for young children because of some violent and graphic content. It also has lots of scary passages vividly describing the entire world ending.

He thinks that Nibiru is a brown dwarf, is magnetized, that it has effects on Earth seven years before it gets here - for a real astronomical planet that would mean when it is way out in the outer reaches of the solar system.

Again for a real non mythological planet, then a brown dwarf would have already scattered all the inner planets from their orbits and affected the orbits even of the gas giants in noticeable ways after just the one flyby that they say happened 3600 years ago. See If “Nibiru” were real and passed through our solar system - the chaos after one flyby

The book is total nonsense scientifically. Theologically abysmal - no mention of love of Jesus or anything related to the Sermon on the Mount. It discourages people from helping each other saying all you need to do is constantly pray for forgiveness and nothing else you do in life matters. It is morally bleak and hollow.


First of all, most of it is not actually by him. It’s a scrap book of pages from the internet, and at least a third of it is confirmed already to be included without his permission. Most of the parts written by him are just copied from his posts on the internet too.

Copyright - Fitz P. Fitzgerald. (This image is widely used by reputable websites e.g. universities, I believe it to be creative commons. Says here it is creative commons Calgary Board of Education ) - though I can’t find the original page on Blaugh . com which is now only available in the Wayback Machine

He doesn’t have connecting passages or explanations of why he included those pages. The book just jumps abruptly from writing by one author to another, with changes of style, and subject matter. He doesn’t even bother to try to preserve a consistent font size or font colour. Here is an example:

And this

It’s literally just a scrap book of pages. Only 25% of it is written by him. I have tried contacting the copyright holders of the rest. Of the content, 32 pages, so 30% of the book is written by James Bailey without his permission. Other material is by Charles Cooley, and Marshall Masters who also say they didn’t give his permission and for sure he didn’t have permission to include several paragraphs of content written by Leslie Mullen for NASA Astrobiology magazine. For more on this, see David Meade’s book content - only 25% is his own work by Robert Walker on Debunking Doomsday

This nonsense of a scrap book, at the height of its promotion by the Daily Express, was one of the top sellers in Amazon. not just in kindle but for paperbacks too.

The Wayback Machine captured the amazon pages on Sept 24 in the early morning. This was probably his highest rankings ever.

For kindle:

#1 and #3 in Astronomy, #2 in Eschatology (theology of the end of times)


#5 in Astronomy, #8 in Eschatology, #13 in Astrophysics and Space Science. For more about this see David Meade’s Book ranking high on Amazon by Robert Walker on Debunking Doomsday

There is no real astronomy in the book, never mind astrophysics or space science. He claims to have studied astronomy - but he doesn’t know enough about the subject to even pass an interview to be accepted to study it at college. He hasn’t got a clue. I think the clearest example of this is when he claimed that he saw the Sept 23 sign clearly, where he lived. The stars of Virgo were hidden by the glare of the sun and so he couldn’t have seen those. Then Venus and Mars were bright in the morning sky and Jupiter in the evening sky. So there is no way he could see all of those together either. His claim is just nonsense. Either deluded or lying, whatever the reason, this just makes you gasp with disbelief that anyone who pays any attention to the night sky would say that. See Debunked: David Meade saw his sign on Sept 23 where he lived

The book itself is just a hash of many of the myths and misconceptions about astronomy and planets perpetuated by the Nibiru conspiracy theorists.


He perpetuates the myth of Robert Harrington discovered Nibiru with a copy / paste of this article

What actually happened is that six months before Robert Harrington died, then Myles Standish recalculated the mass of Neptune using data from the Voyager 2 flyby and with the new mass, then the anomalies disappeared. So Robert Harrington already knew that his theory had been disproved before he died of throat cancer. And it never was a theory of a planet that would fly past Earth. An orbit like that is just absurd for an astronomer.

Ever since Myles Standish’s recalculation of the mass of Neptune, the planets have followed exactly their predicted paths. The calculations are so precise that the New Horizons spacecraft did its flyby of Pluto with hardly a course correction needed.

There are no gravitational anomalies in the motions of any of the planets and haven’t been for nearly two decades now, since that recalculation of the mass of Neptune.

For the real story see my Debunked: Astronomers such as Robert Harrington get murdered by the secret agencies if they “speak out” about Nibiru / Planet X

He also perpetuates the myth that the Vatican has built one of the largest telescopes in the world to track Nibiru. This time it’s a copy / paste of his own work The Vatican Planet X observatory - but it’s an old chestnut. The Vatican have had a modest interest in astronomy for many centuries and they have a small observatory on Mount Graham which happens also to be a mountain that houses one of the world’s largest telescopes. That’s not too surprising as there are only a few places in the world that are optimal for observing the night sky, and also reasonably easy of access. This is one of them. For details see Debunked: The Vatican built a huge telescope, one of the largest in the world, to track Nibiru

He also perpetuates the myth of the south pole telescope. with unauthorized extracts from this article: South Pole Telescope (SPT) - This is actually a microwave telescope, not an infrared one. But it also shows a fundamental misunderstanding of basic geometry - the idea that you would have to build a telescope at the south pole to spot something in the night sky only visible from there. Just as you see the pole star from the entire northern hemisphere so also you can see the region around the south celestial pole from the entire southern hemisphere.

So there is no need for a telescope in Antarctica to observe the southern skies. Any telescope in South America, Australia, or anywhere south of the equator can see the southern celestial pole. The only reason for building telescopes in Antarctica is because of the dry air, cold conditions there, or to observe the atmosphere above the Antarctic continent, for instance the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere.

Anyone who says this hasn’t learnt basic astronomy yet, hasn’t learnt their astronomy ABC. This is another confirmation that he can’t possibly have studied astronomy at university, and surely would flunk an admissions interview for such a course.

He has a long section in which he discusses Melissa Huffman’s video - which is clearly an offset double reflection. See Debunked: Melissa Huffman did a video of Planet X

He tries to deduce things about Nibiru from this video.

His ideas about Nibiru are very bizarre. He believes that it will have an influence seven years before it gets here. Yet he also said that it would block out the sun and plunge Earth into eclipse- and the Moon too, on 5th October 2017. That of course didn’t happen.

He doesn’t try to be consistent with himself.

There is much more of this nature in the book.


I don’t think this book is suitable for children myself. One of the web pages which he stole from James Bailey - which surely was not written for children originally - includes a long rather gruesome dream (by another author Ken Peters) in which the dreamer’s wife and then the dreamer himself have their heads cut off by huge swords ISIS style. It’s all meant as a Christian vision too, a vision which turns the dreamer towards evangelical Christianity.

It’s this web page by James Bailey: Ken Peters: "I Have Seen the Tribulation" which he includes in its entirety including the “MY COMMENTS” and doesn’t make it at all clear that they are James Bailey’s comments and not his own.

He gives no commentary of his own on this or any of the other pages of James Bailey’s work that he includes. It is all just bound into the book along with everything else like a scrap book.


First, he calls himself a Christian Numerologist. There is no such subject. And it’s not even his own work. He is taking other people’s work as his own in order to make these claims. The “sign” he talks about so much is actually not his own idea either. He copied that entire section of his book, without permission from Charles Cooley. The original is here: Sign of the Ages p2

But there is no astrology in the Bible. None of the constellations of the zodiac are mentioned and nor are any of the planets either (except as the names of Roman gods, never as the planets themselves).

See There is no astrology in the Bible - it even warns against it

This idea of using astrology in the Bible to set a future date - which isn’t even his idea as I said - is repudiated by nearly all Christian groups including some Evangelical churches Views on Rev 12 by Catholics, Quakers, Church of England and Evangelical Churches

His section on how to prepare spiritually is not his own work either. It’s copied from this page: God’s Plan of Salvation without credit - I’ve sent them an email and not heard back yet, but given that no-one so far has responded saying he gave permission, I do not think it likely he has their permission to use this text either, especially without any credit or mention of the source.

The message he presents is that ”Good works cannot save you”. and that you have to pray to God constantly for forgiveness. I don’t understand myself how anyone can claim to be Christian and discourage helping others and loving others. Have they not read the Sermon on the Mount? Whether it saves you or not, the central message is to help others.

Anyway he goes even further than that, as he leaves out the second part of that page, the section starting “If you have received Jesus Christ as your Saviour, as a Christian you should:”.

So it’s not even an evangelical message to study the Bible.

His bleak message is, that there is no point in doing anything to help others, no need to study the Bible, all you have to do is to keep praying to God for forgiveness and that’s all you have to do. Then you can do anything else you like and you will (according to him) be one of those levitated into heaven by Jesus at the end of the world.


The man also seems to be somewhat of a sociopath. I sent him a heartfelt email about the young children and young adults driven sick and suicidal by his prophesies. He doesn’t even use the words child or suicide in his reply.

Email to David Meade: ‘Effects of your prophesies on young children who become sick and suicidal’

David Meade’s response - ‘Your letter indicates you have not read my book at all’

He has written at least two previous books on Amazon. predicting dire events in 2013 and 2015. They had so little impact that google turns up only six, and eleven pages respectively that mention the author + title. They were of course withdrawn from sale after the prophesies failed.

His summary for the most recent one is here: Rapture 2015 and Planet X and google books here: Rapture 2015 and Planet X and though the book is not on Amazon the customer reviews are, here: Customer reviews: Rapture 2015 and Planet X (More details towards the end of this post).

Steer well clear of this book. Trying to make sense of it will mess with your mind. It’s not even remotely consistent with itself and is just a hodge-podge of nonsense. The only reason it got so high in Amazon is because of the relentless promotion all summer by the Daily Express. And then for some unfathomable reason Google News ranks this purveyor of nonsense right at the top of google News search results.

How to avoid the Daily Express (also the Sun, Daily Star, etc)

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