Here is Dr Tedros demonstrating how to wash your hands for COVID-19 protection in the "Safe Hands" challenge

(click to watch on Youtube)

He is challenging others to do the same and upload videos of themselves doing it.

It may seem daunting at first - but humans are really good at learning sequences of events - do it a few times and it soon becomes automatic and you just do it as a habitual pattern not a remembered sequence. Make sure you include all the steps - there are videos on YouTube that leave out some of them. Might as well learn it properly.

It has 11 steps to thoroughly wash every part of your hands including between your fingers, thumbs, fingernails, back of hand etc.

1. wet hands with water

2. apply enough soap to cover all surfaces

3. rub hands palm to palm.

4. right hand over left interlocked fingers and vice versa

5. palm to palm fingers interlaced

6. back of fingers cupped in opposing palms (both ways)

7. rotational rubbing of left and right thumbs

8. rotational rubbing of palm with tips of clasped fingers (both ways)

9. rinse hands with water

10. dry thoroughly with paper towel.

11. close tap with towel.

It's actually also quite a useful hand exercise as well, keep your fingers and hand flexible :).

This is another video demonstrating the same sequence:

(click to watch on Youtube)

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