Worried about how to protect yourself from swine flu (oops, Influenza A H1N1 - stop persecuting pigs!) ? Wondering what you can do to prevent spreading swine flu?  Need an up-to-the-moment break out of where the latest outbreaks have occurred, just in case deaths from swine flu exceed 1/1,000th the deaths of regular flu or 1/10,000th the deaths of malaria?

If only an internet company would capitalize on this hysteria to generate traffic!

Oh wait, here's one.   Internet News Distribution Channel "Feedzilla", which updates news and information around the clock, says they can help you get the latest info while the pandemic panic lasts - namely until the next kid gets kidnapped or Nancy Grace convicts someone of murder on her TV show.  

They call it, catchily enough, "Help stop the Flu", despite the fact that reading about the flu on your blog is nowhere near as effective as washing your hands.   It is available as a widget to be installed on your website or blog to keep you and your visitors informed at all times.

If we can save even one life by sending traffic to Feedzilla, well, darn it, it's worth it.

Visit: http://www.feedzilla.com/swineflu/ - it's for the children.