Thanksgiving doesn't always get the respect it deserves.   It's wedged between the heathen/pagan/godless/goth/vampire wanna-be/sexy nurse/sexy witch awesomeness that is Halloween and the rather more religious/overtly commercial/pagan awesomeness that is Christmas.

Not around here.  We take our holidays seriously.

Did Science Build a Better Turkey?
It  doesn't seem so.    Hint: shoot your own and it will taste better.

Science Shows You How To Make A Better Thanksgiving Turkey
If you did opt for the store bought one, here's how to optimize it.

Just In Time For Thanksgiving - How The Brain Senses Fatty Food
You may not know you're eating too much but your brain does and NAPEs tells the tale.

Giving You The "Slim-Down" On Your Thanksgiving Meal
Get it?   It's not a "low down" it's a "slim down".  We are so edgey!

A botanical guide to Thanksgiving dinner
Tom Kimmerer at made a nifty list of all the plants he ate this Thanksgiving when feeding 10, including a numerical index for what dish they were in.    Allium cepa, Spinacia oleracea,  Allium sativum - it's all mucho delicioso to me.

Thanksgiving meal not much to be thankful for, AP says
You may disagree, of course.   It's cardboard turkey but they are still in space, which is the coolest way to spend any Thursday.

The Real Deal Behind Diet Pills

TrimSpa worked but Anna Nicole Smith died.   I am not saying there is causation there, I am just saying.