Periodically I get invited to talk about science and food on the nationwide AgriTalk radio program, hosted by Mike Adams - not the Natural News guy,  this is the one who likes farmers.

Joining me today was Roxi Beck of the Center for Food Integrity. You're all used to me so what I say may not be anything new, but Beck made terrific points, namely that even as people are supportive of technology in their phones, they may not want it in their bodies - even with modern medicine adding 30 years to human life expectancy in the last century. 

Why the disconnect? People see the value of tech in their phones and in their medical care because it has a direct value proposition, but we're somewhat disconnected from our food today. Even people growing a garden in their backyard are disconnected, they don't need GMOs, they may not need a pesticide, and for that reason they may think an organic process can scale because on small plots yields are irrelevant.

But on commercial farms yields are incredibly relevant, because everyone else is getting a raise every year and still think a hamburger should stay at a dollar. Outside Whole Foods elites, price still matters, and that means taking a scientific approach to food the same way we take a scientific approach to iPhone design and physics and everything else.

But quantum physics and iPhones are all opt-in. We can't opt out of food, so it is rather easy to instill fear and doubt and invoke the precautionary principle. There is no Big Science Marketing engine the way organic food has, so the only people who can combat it are corporations and we have been taught to distrust corporations.

Agri-Talk is always a good forum, the questions from the audience are on point and they live and die on data so the audience members listening in are always keen to understand what is happening.