In the early days of the Obama administration transition, there were a number of concerns about his anti-science beliefs.  He hired a guy who thought girls couldn't do math and one who thinks there is a government UFO conspiracy.

But then he made Steven Chu Energy Secretary, and that was good, if only Chu could curb his anti-CO2 fetish.

Well, it looks like he has seen the light, though perhaps only because he sees what a dark place an America without CO2 looks like.   Emissions are back to 1995 levels - that may sound good but it's actually not because that means there are no jobs in America, which also means Pres. Obama's re-election chances are solely riding on the Republicans trotting out a zany character like Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry.  He might even lose a primary challenge if things don't improve.

In an interview with energyNOW! anchor Thalia Assuras, Chu says energy security concerns may mean the Keystone XL oil-sands pipeline will win approval.   By 'energy concerns' he means 130,000 new jobs.   People have shown tolerance for high gas prices but they haven't shown a lot of patience for a stimulus plan that cost $200-500,000 for each job.   By simply not artificially blocking the private sector and caving in to anti-science activists who contend the studies showing no harm are somehow being faked by Obama administration scientists, they can put people to work and have a victory to talk about that doesn't involve raising taxes or adding a whole lot of cost to an already bloated government deficit.

The EPA has far exceeded its mandate and they need to be reined in but until that happens, smart projects that have been shown to be safe (James Hansen's aging hippie claims aside) have to be allowed.   Turning America into a third world country so activists can brag about how low emissions are is not good for anyone.

It's well-known Chu is against fossil fuels so he is to be applauded for taking a stand against his personal beliefs and siding with reality.  Clearly fossil fuels need to be out of the long-term picture but further hurting poor Americans by driving up the costs of oil now (not to mention making middle east dictatorships richer) is not a benefit.   A responsible amount of time to make alternative sources real and not just marketing claims is needed.

The 1,700 Keystone XL mile pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf Coast will produce 700,000 barrels of oil a day and employ over 130,000 people in construction and management jobs. This is a true 'shovel ready' project and it will be welcomed by people now and voters in 2012.