It was bound to happen.  Something which should be used for good can also be used for malice.   Allison Aubrey, writing on NPR, discusses the results of an undercover investigation by the GAO which says patients are getting blatantly ridiculous advice.

One guys says he can repair DNA damage.  One says their supplements can cure all kinds of diseases.  Sheesh.

The GAO report says they made undercover contact with 15 DTC genetics companies, and asked about supplement sales, test reliability and privacy policies.   Then they consulted with experts about the veracity of the claims.   Basically, after it was done they turned the shysters over for an investigation but the problem people have right now is, which ones are corrupt??    

Doesn't it taint the entire industry, good and bad, to not name names?    I suppose that can't be done until the investigation is finished.

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