Like puzzles?  Who doesn't?

Long-time Science 2.0 contributor Garth Sundem - and by long time I mean loooong time, since 2006, during the beta period - is in the New York Times Science section during their theme on puzzles.    

So you can see his brain benders in John Tierney's latest article on the neuroscience aspects of why people like puzzles and on Benedict Carey's article about a patient who could not form new memories yet did puzzles constantly.   There are others but the whole topic is puzzles so I am not going to just tell you where they are.

Oh, and they didn't use all of his puzzles - like one that may or may not have been about Mariano Rivera - but you can find it in his column here.

It's New York.  Mo is untouchable in that town.  It doesn't take a puzzle genius to figure out why that one did not make the cut, but we're outside San Francisco and the Giants are *ahem* World Series champions so it's okay to print it here.