Social and evolutionary psychology studies get a large share of media attention despite being primarily based on surveys of psychology undergraduate students.

It was only a matter of time before others mimicked that process to add their own claims of scientific validity - and so Burger King has taken its war with McDonald's to a new level with a study finding that men who prefer grilled burgers are considered more attractive than men who like 'em fried.

It looks legitimate enough to me, at least if we are to believe social psychology and evolutionary psychology studies showing that liberals have prettier daughters and people with messy offices are racist, or that we evolved to like a certain kind of car grill and to find black women less attractive, all ideas spouted by world-renowned academics. 

This study surveyed 150,000 U.S. people and found that everyone prefers grilled burgers, by an  8:1 ratio for men and 5:1 for women. That looks extra odd for the number three burger chain - basically, they must really be doing something wrong in other areas. McDonald's accounts for nearly 50% of burger sales while Burger King is under 14%, but McDonald's fries its burgers.


- People who prefer flame-grilled burgers are the happiest among those surveyed 
- People who prefer flame-grilled burgers are the most self-confident among those surveyed 
 - Men who prefer grilled burgers are, on average, better looking.

Like too many flawed surveys to count, this was done using OK! Cupid. It conducted online from April 22-25, 2013 and got over 150,000 adults ages 18 and older. Respondents answered online questions and the responses were cross-tabulated with peer assessments. 

The survey was not based on a probability sample so no sampling error can be calculated. It's just 'believe it if you want to believe it'.

But if it has a conclusion you like - that you are more handsome than men who eat at McDonald's - take comfort that this study methodology looks at least as rigorous as surveying college students outside bars and determining that conservatives basically have the brains of someone drunk all of the time.