On March 30th, Josh Witten told us about a new site, The Jenny McCarthy Body Count.  He's apparently not a fan of Jenny, no matter what she looks like.   I am not sure I understand that kind of thinking but whatever...

On April 2nd, uber-blogger of Discover Phil Plait/Bad Astronomer tackled the same issue.

On April 3rd, Scienceblogs  pageview-whore-whom-we-all-admire PZ Myers/Pharyngula made his feelings known.

Sure, PZ can talk about taking a piss and get more traffic than Josh and Phil combined but someone has to uncover this stuff first.  So Josh is clearly the bellweather of all things cultural, right?  

Nope.   The ever awesome Kylie Sturgess had a piece up on March 29th.  Take that, science aggregator oppressors.  So is she the place to go to get good ridicule first?   

I am no interwebs expert so I just relied on Google but the earliest instance I can see of the name, before the URL went live, is TeacherNinja at TeacherNinjas.com, who used that as the title of a blog post way back in January.

So whenever ya think you're first on something, remember there may always be someone quicker on the draw - and it may even be an anonymous ninja so quicker on the shuriken might be more apt.  Heck,  before I came up with the ScientificBlogging name I thought I would buy the URL of www.nature.com.   It was only later I found out they're a billion dollar media conglomerate.  Things happen.

But if you Google Jenny McCarthy Body Count Josh is #2, behind the actual site.   So he may get pimp-slapped by those other guy in traffic but at least Google shows the love.