It's no secret that politicians have always favored corporations that are involved in their pet causes - and it's no secret that wind turbines are killing endangered birds and forcing a giant migration of more.

What is less well known is that if you are a wind energy corporation, not only have you been stuffed with government subsidies for the last five years, you are not going to be prosecuted no how many eagles you kill. Unless you are also a fossil fuel company, like Duke Energy, they got prosecuted. Otherwise, you pay a token fine and that is that.

Now the president has used yet another executive order - designed to exclude it from a full environmental review - to circumvent the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the ability of  these corporations to kill or injure eagles without fear of prosecution for decades to come.

Wind energy lobbyists have been pushing for these changes for obvious reasons. What are they giving back to nature in return for being allowed to violate federal law without repercussions? They have to promise to try and kill fewer protected birds.

Imagine if the Obama administration would allow fossil fuel companies to promise to try and produce fewer emissions. But, no, he does not personally intervene to exempt those companies from the EPA.

A lawsuit was filed Thursday by The American Bird Conservancy in federal court in San Jose, California.