Science 2.0 fave Ora TV has a fun show-you-should be-watching-if-you-are-not-already-watching called Dweebcast, where host Andy Riesmeyer covers all things nerd.

They have begun a new segment called The Science Of Sci-Fi, and they asked Science 2.0 to help pick the perfect person to talk about...human cloning: Joanne Manaster, Lecturer in Biology at the University of Illinois and all-around science advocate jumped into the fray.

Andy quickly dispenses with ethical quandaries and gets right to the heart of the issue for most in the science and geek society: how do we make all those girls in "Orphan Black", but just the ones that don't need any birth control? How do we not make a crappy future like "Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones" where they all sound Australian?

Basically, he sums it up with, "Why is science not out there cloning humans all of the time?"

Well, I agree with him, the world needs 10,000 of me a lot more than it needs a cure for cancer. 

See what she says in response, and learn a whole lot more:

Image screen cap credit: "Jurassic Park", Universal Studios.