The second World Science Festival kicked off at Lincoln Center in New York City last evening with a birthday tribute to Edward O. Wilson, everyone's favorite ant man, and science fans fron the culture world along with, presumably, science fans from the science world.

What do you think was the high point of E.O. Wilson's 80th birthday celebration?   "Happy Birthday" sung by 200 people in the lobby and the Abyssinian Baptist Church Choir?    A politically incorrect tribute from Nobel laureate James Watson (more on that later)?    Yo-Yo Ma playing the cello or a new Philip Glass composition?   No, though that was all terrific.

The high point of his evening was finally getting to meet Bloggy, the science bear.    Happy birthday, professor!  Thanks for making myrmecology cool again.  Now, all of you go read "Consilience" one more time in his honor.

Edward O. Wilson with Bloggy at World Science Festival Lincoln Center