Kansas Republican Mike Pompeo, a Congressman from Wichita, is behind a bill to create a national standard for mandatory for review of GMO foods by the FDA, called the"Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act."

What? Have Republicans gone over to the anti-science dark side too? No, Pompeo sides with science and recognizes GMOs are safe. He says this is more to cut off state ballot initiatives popping up across the country, which are invariably hijacked by homeopaths, alternative medicine gurus and the $29 billion organic industry to claim a facade of 'food awareness' but really are just warning labels for competitive products.

The new legislation would require any new genetically modified foods to undergo mandatory rather than voluntary review by the Food and Drug Administration. Every product on the market went through voluntary review but a mandatory review should make people feel better. 

Easy, now. Republicans haven't become anti-science about agriculture."Let them eat kale" elitism is still for the left. Image link:jessandeeonline

The Reuters piece I am linking to is okay, it's by the numbers journalism stuff, except for this bit of false equivalence introduced by Carey Gillam:
But there are also many scientific studies showing links to human and animal health problems, and many indicating environmental damage related to GMO crops.
I'd like to see one that is even linked to a stomach-ache in a human being.

Environmental activists say the new bill is a sign that science is on the run and worried about a consumer backlash. That is unlikely to be true, only 7 percent of America mentions GMOs when it comes to food issues, but food awareness is good for everyone.

 Here is hoping organic food conglomerates that care about food awareness agree to their own mandatory review. If consumers knew how little oversight organic food has, they would want surprise spot testing of organic farms too. 

U.S. bill seeks to block mandatory GMO food labeling by states - by Carey Gillam, Reuters