When does a business that has carefully positioned itself as more natural and wholesome and healthy and not at all like Big Ag suddenly look a lot like Big Ag?

When the FDA tells them they can only make people sick in their own state. Then the corporate lawyers come out in force.

Organic Pastures, America’s largest raw milk dairy and cause of numerous recalls just in the last year, would like to be able to make children ill across state lines and so they have filed suit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to force a change in the current law - which bans sales of raw milk across state lines but otherwise leaves it to states to allow businesses to poison its citizens or not. 

I can't believe raw milk is not illegal for anyone under the age of 18 who hasn't signed a disclaimer and shown ID upon purchasing it so it actually warms my heart that the FDA is at least doing something to protect people.  Organic Pastures says demand is growing and they want to meet that demand - and demand is growing.  Gullible consumers who think 'organic' food is in any way better for them are also inclined to shop at Whole Foods and buy raw milk and believe Senator Dianne Feinstein can outlaw evil. They have been educated by advertising that tells them science is out to kill them but alternative medicine and homeopathy is healthy.

According to the FDA, 20 states prohibit sales of raw milk. California allows it, of course, despite CDC concerns and the fact that Claravale Farm of San Benito County, the other raw milk dairy in the state, also just came out of quarantine due to a campylobacter bacteria shutdown. The same state that bans plastic bags and cigars in restaurants thinks anti-science hippies giving their kids foodborne diseases is fundamental 'choice'.
The new litigation theater by Organic Pastures is just plain old big business economics and nothing to do with healthier people, despite what raw milk peddlers claim.  When a company has $10 million a year in revenue and wants that to go up, the easy solution is to find gullible people elsewhere. It is far less costly than trying to make new gullible people in their own state - and so they would like the FDA to ease up on pesky laws that stop national recalls. But let's look at their state recalls over the last year.

In November of 2011, 5 kids were infected with E. coli O157:H7 after drinking milk from Organic Pastures. It led to a recall and quarantine. Then Organic Pastures had to recall everything but its cheese again after Campylobacter bacteria was found in its foods in May. The California Public Health Department listed 10 people who came down with Campylobacter from January through April 30th after drinking Organic Pastures raw milk, including a 9 month old baby.

In September, campylobacter  was detected in Organic Pastures products again.

How does Organic Pastures’ owner Mark McAfee explain trying to force the FDA to give him a bigger market to make children ill?  

“The entire thing (producing raw milk) is a learning process,” he told Cookson Beecher at Food Safety News. “No one completely understands bacteria and how they interplay with humans."

What? Learning process?  No one understands bacteria? No one in his crackpot company understands anyway.  Sane people have understood exactly why pasteurization saves lives  for the last 70 years.