ThinkProgress has found a way to use the tragedy of the Zika outbreak to advance their political agenda. America is one of two developed countries that allow abortion on demand at any stage for any reason (Canada is the other one) and the lack of a national policy has led to varying restrictions on that within the states.

Because positions on science (e.g. labeling genetically modified foods) and health vary among politically-motivated groups solely on how it matches their agendas, in the former case they don't want a national standard, but on abortion they do.

Toward that end, ThinkProgress has suggested that states with limitations on abortions (i.e. not controlled by their political allies) are going to result in more babies being born with brain deformities. And they are hoping it happens. "It has to get personal. It has to get dramatic," they quote lawyer R. Alta Charo, professor at the University of Wisconsin.

ThinkProgress will say anything to advance their social authoritarian agenda.

Yes, they come across as absolutely giddy in promoting a doomsday prophecy that children are going to be born with Zika-induced birth defects unless states stop being diverse politically. This sort of cynical cultural profiteering is why ThinkProgress is popular with partisan science bloggers but not the mainstream public.

What ThinkProgress would never endorse; adopting national standards on abortion like what Europe has, even though it would clear up a lot of confusion and make abortion more available. Yet what do they endorse against science? Anything Europe does.