As some of you already know, I've been sharpening my sports nutrition skills.  With that, I figured I would share with you guys some tips that I think would help you guys out.  

This first one is protein needs.

 As rowers and/or cyclists we would consider ourselves endurance athletes.  FYI:  These numbers apply for both men and women b/c they are based on body weight - not gender.

The current standard for the avg (i.e. sedentary person) is 0.4g per lb of body weight.

For example, 0.4g x 150 pound person = 60g

-Recreational exerciser:  0.5 - 0.7g per lb. of body weight
-Endurance athletes: 0.6 - 0.7g 
Therefore let's say for me:  150lb x 0.6g = 90g of protein per day

-Athlete restricting calories:  0.8-0.9g

If you are an athlete trying to lose weight you need more protein.  This is because you are, in theory, already restricting calories which is likely shifting the calories from protein that will be more likely used for energy NOT for muscle building.  So hence, you would need to up your needs to compensate for that shift.

Avg protein intake of female athletes: 0.5 - 0.8g
Avg protein intake of male endurance athletes:  0.5 - 0.9g  

More isn't better.  It doesn't take much to meet your needs.   Just take a look at the food labels with special attention to portion sizes.  If you over do it, it just turns to fat and you pee more