This is some of my work and life experience, I have simplified it so the average reader can hopefully understand. If this post can help even one wheelchair bound sufferer walk, or a chronic back pain sufferer return to normal, or cure arthritis in a sufferer, this post is worth it. Links at bottom of page. Knowledge is key. Bees are amazing creatures, honey from the tombs in Egypt was heated and it was good as new. What other food thousands of years old could do that? With the war in Iraq and Afghanistan Medics and Doctors are trying to treat wounds better. What they found is honey from New Zealand where the bees foraged on herbs are a better dressing than any antibiotic. The wounds healed faster without infection. The bandages are treated with the special honey and will be available at local hospitals and practitioners soon. One Doctor when asked when he got back to the states, if his child had a wound what dressing would he use he said, "Honey". Think about it honey gathered from bees feeding on healing herbs, you could engineer all kinds of drugs from bees by isolating them on specific plants. That's big, the possibilities are exciting. As for chronic pain, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, and muscular sclerosis, just to name a few bee stings can cure or give relief. I first saw some crippled wheelchair bound muscular sclerosis patients with bleak prognosis's. They said they would be in those wheelchairs the rest of their lives. After Bee Sting therapy they were walking! This is big! Wheelchair cripples with no hope, walking! Wow! I have personally experimented with Bee Stings and chronic pain, and they work! I have brought people who have been down for weeks in their backs back to normal! It changes your life if you are suffering. I call it the shotgun approach to acupuncture. The Nero-toxins work like a magnetic pulse bomb that takes out the magnetic fields and power stations. This allows the nerves to work properly. It's like the reset on your computer only a lot of people don't know about it. It works! Bee stings have been used for centuries for relief of Arthritis. One lady was severely stung by a swarm of bees over one hundred stings. She was hospitalized it almost killed her, and later she said one good thing about it, her arthritis was gone! The power of the sting, one hundred bee stings equal one rattlesnake bite. The bee is amazing it has its own hypodermic delivery system. We have an amazing insect in the bee and I encourage everyone who can raise some bees for the medicine, pollination, and numerous benefits If you decide to sting yourself or others use common sense. Make sure you are not allergic to bee stings. Swab the area with alcohol, and be ready to wipe the stinger away. This is big! It can save millions of people pain and suffering even the crippled are walking. If you have any ideas about the benifits of bee research please post. I love our bees and pollinating insects. Here are some links they not from my work but they might be useful.