There are some people who do not want you to read this as it can change the world for the better. I have created a new technology useing vortex's It can change your world with free energy. A long time ago I read about the Indian Medicine Man named Rolling Thunder and how he prayed and a tornado formed behind him and followed him as he walked to a prison. When he got there with the tornado behind him he asked for the release of a Native American that was wrongfully imprisoned there. He was wrongly imprisoned because he would not join the Army and go to war since the U.S. government signed a treaty saying that his tribe did not have to join and fight for the U.S. Government. It probably was the Calvery. Unfortunately lots of treaty's have been broken. The prison denied the prisoner was there, Rolling Thunder knew better he had seen the prisoner the night before in a vision and told them that they were lying and that this was his own personal tornado and if they didn't release him it would tear the prison apart. They again denied the prisoner was there. About that time the tornado blew the gates off the prison. The guards were scared they got the Indian prisoner and released him to Rolling Thunder without any paperwork. Rolling Thunder and the freed prisoner walked away. Now this was a great story of injustice and the power of the universe to make it right. Except for one thing, I had read a newspaper awhile before I read this story, and I remember a story about a prison under lock down because of a freak storm that tore the prison gates off. So I went to see Rolling Thunder he was giving a talk at the University of Oregon in Eugene. He talked about laughter being the best medicine and told a joke { In the Indian culture we have something called a give away and we give our prized possessions to each other in the belief that in the next life we will get them back,} then he warned everybody {Never Ever give your wife away, or you will get her back in the next life.} We laughed, it was so funny. I didn't get to talk to him about the tornado but I brought him a gift, and left that night happy in the fact I got to see someone I admired. Simple Solutions for Complex Problems