Okay, I know I won't shut up about the Argentine shortfin squid, but the situation is just so weird and complicated, and there's always new news for me to puzzle over.

We make a lot of people a lot of money. Biologically we are a big question mark.

Here's the latest:
The Federal Fisheries Council (CFP) has endorsed the continued commercial exploration of squid (Illex argentinus) which is being conducted by 13 independent vessels in the area between parallels 42° and 44°, despite the refusal of several fisheries chambers to participate with their vessels.
If I understand it right, "commercial exploration," or "commercial research" as the headline puts it, means that commercial fishing boats are being used to gather biological data on the fishery. This is pretty important because
since the beginning of the squid fishing season, on 1 February, the fishermen have lacked relatively accurate scientific data.
And there is no research currently being conducted by any non-commercial, scientific vessel, as I understand it, because the vessel is being repaired. Bummer.