OK, I am getting worried.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, there is a new movie coming out supposedly next year called "The Tree of Life" starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and others. Well, the movie sounds like it could be good. But though this may sound like a cool thing to those of you out there who study the Tree of Life in some way, we are at risk here.

There will soon be 100s of blogs, web pages, news stories, etc. writing about the Tree of Life movie. And uses of the Tree of Life by evolutionary biologists will lose their google rankings. The term "The Tree of Life" is at risk of a form of extinction.

So what are we to do? I am calling on all evolutionary biologists and bloggers and biologists in general to to link to other sites that use the term as much as possible. For example, you can add a link to my personal blog which is, after all called "The Tree of Life." And you can link to my ScientificBlogging Blog which I am building here, also called "The Tree of Life."

So please, add links to some Tree of Life pages. And start using the term yourself as much as possible.

Here are some places you should link to:

Please post additional links in the comments here and please help save "The tree of life"