Much Ado About Nothing: Science Communication FAIL?

Anyone who woke up yesterday morning hoping that December 2nd 2010 might be a historic day in...

Down And Out In Academia

A postdoc's view of the changing world of academic research'What's on your mind?' These are the...

Waking Up Too Soon: White-Nosed Syndrome

The United States is home to some 40 different species of bat. Thanks to stories of blood...

Andale! Arriba! The Mexican Free-Tailed Bat: Speedy Gonzales Of The Bat World

Tadarida brasiliensis mexicana, or the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat to you and I, is a superlative...

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I'm a postdoc at UC Davis in California, having received my doctorate degree from the University of Liverpool and my undergraduate degree from the University of Leeds in my home country of England... Read More »

One balmy July afternoon, when the fresh-faced optimism from having completed my PhD had seriously begun to wear off, I went to lunch with a famous scientist.  This jovial, moustached man did something to really surprise me; he told me the truth about this career path I had chosen: a life in science.