CAMBRIDGE, England, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- AVEVA (LSE:AVV) announced today that it has made further enhancements to its AVEVA Marine portfolio.

With a main focus on interoperability, this new release of the AVEVA Marine portfolio now offers AVEVA's marine customers extended possibilities for data exchange between various sources.

AVEVA Marine users will now be able to integrate PIDs and schematic diagrams coming from various systems, including the AVEVA PID solution.

This brings a real benefit to customers as they are now free to select their PID system from various sources and even to integrate PIDs from other authoring systems into a complete model of their project.

AVEVA Marine now also offers a completely new Mechanical Equipment Interface product using the Step AP203 format. This allows AVEVA Marine users to easily import mechanical equipments from various sources - generally generic or mechanical CAD systems - and utilize them in the model as any Outfitting component. Equipment models, like main engines, compressors or pumps can now be directly supplied by the manufacturer and placed with great accuracy in the 3D model, thus reducing the risk of errors.

Finally, more interoperability between Plant and Marine Outfitting can be achieved as data in both databases is now made fully exchangeable. This will allow customers using AVEVA's solutions both in the plant and the marine sectors to share their models in a much easier way. As an example, FPSO designers and builders will now be able to share the same data model for the Outfitting part of the vessel and the top-side. This leads to reduced design time and better consistency between top-side and floating platform design.

Bruce Douglas, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy at AVEVA said:

AVEVA Marine is an integrated solution for shipbuilders, ship designers and ship operators. It allows engineers and designers on multiple sites to concurrently create, control and manage change to engineering, design and production data as a project is developed, in the most productive and risk-free way.

Richard Longdon, CEO of AVEVA said:

Earlier this year, we announced the introduction of AVEVA Instrumentation and AVEVA Diagrams to the plant and marine portfolios. These products, plus the latest enhancements, have further strengthened the AVEVA Integrated Design and Engineering offer both to our ship operators and shipyards clients.

For ship operators we have an Operations Information Integrity solution that delivers real cost savings. And for ship builders and ship design agents, our Integrated Project Execution solution saves time and money during the project.

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For further information, please contact: Alison Patey, Marketing Communications Manager AVEVA Tel: +44-1223-556653

For further information, please contact: Alison Patey, Marketing Communications Manager, AVEVA, Tel: +44-1223-556653,