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When I was a child growing up in Kolkata, I would hear stories about the European colonisation of Bengal – the precolonial name of India’s West Bengal. These were selective narratives from a particularly male perspective, and presented colonisers as transforming social benefactors installed to provide a civilising>
It is no surprise that cancer survivors often express gratitude for being alive and mention God or a divine acknowledgement that had improved their health and well-being.Is there evidence spirituality helps? It may be that healthier levels of cortisol, a biomarker commonly associated with stress, among breast cancer>
Over 26 percent of the western US  is in exceptional drought while  72 percent is in severe drought. That has not stopped the federal government from dumping so much water into rivers it creates hazardous conditions for people in them.>
History Mysteries #1 - Who Shot The Tomatoes?orThe Astonishment of a Sailor on Finding Buckshot in His Portion of Tomatoes.Hidden in the details of the Jeannette Expedition one finds a factor in common with the Franklin Expedition: lead poisoning.The Jeannette Expedition>
There is little doubt that there is an abundance of evidence regarding the role of cooperation among social animals and it is mentioned here as a precondition for the discussion of group selection and altruism; specifically in humans.While many of the elements that constitute human behavior are present in other animals>