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“Diversity” as a concept has a lexical and political value all its own, with a widespread appeal. The problem with that is, however, that no one actually has the same idea of what diversity actually means. There is some consensus that the concept has, over time, morphed into something that it was not originally>
An archaeological excavation on Mount Zion in Jerusalem has found clear evidence of the Babylonian conquest from 587/586 B.C. The discovery is of a deposit including layers of ash, arrowheads dating from the period, as well as Iron Age potsherds, lamps and a significant piece of period jewelry - a gold and silver>
Suicide is the runaway leader in gun deaths in the United States and a new demography paper says more government control of the alcohol business might provide a solution for that, and homicides also.This was a statistical analysis, so only EXPLORATORY, but they correlate more restrictive alcohol laws with a reduction>
Medieval medicine gave great importance to the planets as influences in disease. The influence of the stars began at birth and influenced complexion. The continuous flow of celestial forces could change the course of disease. The position of the planets was important in choosing the moment in which to begin cures>
Clausewitz On ScienceClausewitz On War - yes.  But Clausewitz On Science?Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz is famous for his book Vom Kriege - On War.  In that book he is very specific in stating that there is no 'science of war'.In order for someone to state quite categorically that an area of study is not>