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Why is Homo neanderthalensis gone while Homo sapiens have bent the world to our will? In recent years, there has been speculation that climate change wiped out Neanderthal people, or interbreeding with us, since many of us have DNA shared by Neanderthals (we also share 60 percent of our DNA with a banana) but>
The "Basel-Gasfabrik" Celtic settlement, at the present day site of Novartis, was inhabited around 100 B.C. and is one of the most significant Celtic sites in Central Europe. A team recently examined samples from the backfill of 2000 year-old storage and cellar pits from the Iron Age and found the durable>
In the quest to find the biological route of drug addiction, research at Cambridge University, UK, is revealing what makes some people more vulnerable than others. Speaking at Europe’s major neuroscience conference in Geneva today, Professor Barry Everitt described what they now believe causes the switch from occasional>
TORONTO, Canada, September 24 /PRNewswire/ --- RedMAX(TM) 4C Mobile WiMAX Subscriber Devices Join Redline's Roster of Proven WiMAX Forum Certified Product; Enables Mobile Service Providers to Offer High-Revenue Personal and Commercial Broadband ServicesRedline Communications Group Inc. ("Redline") (TSX and AIM: RDL)>
A research team from the Leioa campus of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), and led by Ms Concepción de la Rúa, has reconstructed the history of the evolution of human population and answered questions about history, using DNA extracted from skeleton remains. Knowing the history of past populations>