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Waiting for the weekend can often seem unbearable, a whole seven days between Saturdays. Having seven days in a week has been the case for a very long time, and so people don’t often stop to ask why. Most of our time reckoning is due to the movements of the planets, Moon and stars. Our day is equal to one full rotation>
"Le Roman de la Rose" (The Romance of the Rose) was started in 1230 and completed around 1280. It is a medieval French poem styled as an allegorical dream vision and some parts that were later removed are quite steamy.Its 22,000 lines describe the attempts of a courtier to woo his beloved. It was a medieval blockbuster>
Political events can take a serious toll on mental health - at least in one case. A man with a brief episode of acute psychosis convinced a doctor it was triggered by the 2016 Referendum on Brexit--the process of the UK leaving the European Union (EU), which it joined in 1993.The doctor describes the case of a middle>
Opposing views on e-cigarettes, witnesses interrupting members of Congress and even a wink. A hearing Tuesday on the epidemic of respiratory injuries linked to vaping was one unusual show.Since the spring, hundreds of reports have surfaced about severe lung injuries associated with vaping and using e-cigarettes. The>
“Terror is the normal state of any oral society, for in it everything affects everything all the time.” – Marshall McLuhan* The famous media scholar’s statement about preliterate societies seems to apply also to our society today, in which the word “terror” appears in the news daily. When McLuhan’s>
The True Health Initiative (THI) describes itself as a nonprofit devoted to “fighting fake facts and combating false doubts to create a world free of preventable diseases, using the time-honored, evidence-based, fundamentals of lifestyle and medicine.” That sounds like a terrific place to be, Science 2.0>