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When choosing a halal holiday, Muslim travel destinations are based on more than the location and the hotel. They also factor in Islamic religious values, such as Iman (faith) which may mean halal food, segregated facilities for men and women, prayer facilities and avoiding haram - things forbidden or proscribed>
For as much as the War of the Roses has been over-analyzed and documented, you'd think researchers would know where the Battle of Bosworth, which brought the Plantagenet King of England Richard III to a grisly end at the hands of the Tudors, was fought.Not really.  it was thought that the Battle of Bosworth took>
While no one knows that causes posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), because it is a blanket term for anything that can be deemed "trauma", one thing is clear: United States Veterans seeking treatment for PTSD as a population are at increased statistical risk of death compared with the general public. Veterans>
Math and science students do better who take music courses score significantly better on exams than their non-musical peers, and so do all students, according to a recent paper.This is a hot topic in education. Some argue that vocational schools should make a comeback, and that students interested in math and>
Émilie du Châtelet - An Essay On Heat - 1739 - #1In 1739 the Paris Academy of Sciences proposed a question: what is fire?  A prize was offered for the best response. Entries were to be presented anonymously. The prize was awarded to Euler.  Voltaire, who had also entered the competition, did not know until>
With a new executive order, President Trump has done something that the science community has wished would have been done since the 1980s; he has ordered his administration to streamline the federal regulatory process for agricultural biotechnology so that every new product is not treated like a new invention.>