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African, American, and European researchers working in collaboration over a 10-year period have released the largest-ever study of African genetic data—more than four million genotypes—providing a library of new information on the continent which is thought to be the source of the oldest settlements of modern>
In the west, we call valuable ceramic place settings 'china' because high-quality ceramic wares were imported from the east. They were the best and had the highest value. Not really so, at least in Israel, according to research at the University of Haifa. According to Dr. Edna Stern, in contrast to the notion>
Up to one in five women will develop postpartum depression, a condition that can adversely affect the thoughts, emotions and functioning of mothers, as well as the mental health of their partners and children. Adjusting to parenthood after delivery is challenging under normal circumstances, let alone in the midst>
In 2015, New York Governor Mario Cuomo and his politically allied state legislature told experts to create a rationing plan for ventilators in case of a pandemic in the state. Though Ebola was wrecking Africa and coronavirus had done the same to the mid-east in 2012, New York politicians took the money that could>
British Radar in WW2 -  by Sir Robert Watson-WattI am pleased to be able to publish here in my blog a historical document of some importance: a short history of radar by Sir Robert Watson-Watt.  The document - reproduced below these introductory comments - includes some information and images which have>
When it comes to the world of the very, very small — nanotechnology — we may have a big problem: Nano and its capacity to alter the fundamentals of nature could be failing the moral litmus test of religion.In a report published today in Nature Nanotechnology, survey results reveal some sharp contrasts in the perception>