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If you visit Japan, you may be surprised that Japanese traffic lights have blue on go rather than the green in the U.S. Actually, green is the standard there, just as red is, they just have a different definition of green.It is rather common that things which should be basically the same for everyone, like a color>
Archaeologists have found evidence of an ancient gold trade route between the south-west of the UK and Ireland, which would mean people were trading gold between the two countries as far back as the early Bronze Age, 2500 B.C.The finding was made after measuring the chemical composition of early gold artifacts>
Americans may recall the 'threat warning level' system that came into being after the terrorist attacks on the Wall Trade Center on September 9th, 2011.It was a color coded with 5 levels. But it never once dropped below 3 - yellow, before it was dissolved in 2011. Did anyone pay attention? Another famous example is>
PHILADELPHIA and LONDON, April 23 /PRNewswire/ --- Timely Event Focuses On Increasing Importance of Bibliometric Data in the University Ranking Systems and Proposed Use of Citation Data for the REFThe Scientific business of Thomson Reuters and King's College London today announced they will be hosting Beyond the RAE>
If you've been in science media for any length of time, there are two arguments you will hear invoked to support almost any questionable position; that Einstein did his best work while he was a patent clerk and that Galileo was oppressed by the Catholic Church.One of those is wrong; Galileo was not actually oppressed>
Individualism is the political philosophy or ideology that emphasizes independence and self-reliance. Individualists advance the idea of realizing one's goals and desires, while opposing most external interference upon those objectives, by society, or any outside agency.Collectivism is a term used to describe any>