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Once upon a time vaccine deniers were on the left and conspiracy theorists who felt government was out to control us using radio waves were on the right.

Now they have flipped. Welcome to political intelligence.

Environmental Health Trust, the brainchild of discredited zealot Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., thinks Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and especially 5G cell phone signals are killing us. The most bizarre part is he thinks cell phones were safer in the 1990s, when they emitted more radiation with more power.
As a new century dawned just over 20 years ago, a new war began, this one on expectant mothers. Companies, and their paid influencers, began to trot and even fund "studies" which correlated whatever they were selling to some positive outcome. Organic food meant better grades, abstaining from coffee meant higher IQ, you name it and someone was blastly already worried mothers will fear and doubt.
In the Liliʻuokalani Ridge in the Papahānaumokuakea Marine National Monument (PMNM) in the Pacific Ocean, the exploration ship Nautilus, operated by the Ocean Exploration Trust, caught sight of an odd formation that looks like a cobblestone road.

"It's the road to Atlantis," one explorer jokes, before another one asks, "The yellow brick road?"

Sri Lanka is in the midst of a rebellion bordering on civil war, and as these things often go, it resulted from leaders out of touch with the people.

Last year, the government of Sri Lanka, with European environmental Wormtongues whispering in their ears, showed what anti-science activists called "leadership" and banned any process that was not "certified organic." 

The collapse of the country was so sudden, a few months, it can be taught in political science classes for how not to govern. Even socialists in Venezuela had to be shaking their heads and wondering what Sri Lanka was thinking.

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations World Health Organisation told the Trump administration not to cut travel from Wuhan, they insisted that there was no pandemic at all, and then that SARS-CoV-2 could not be transmitted from human to human.

A year later they repeated the communist dictatorship's claim that COVID-19 might have been caused in the US and shipped to China in frozen food, and finally corporate journalists started to believe what independent people in science media had been saying for a decade - the WHO has a Chinese influence problem.
It’s not socially acceptable to shame people on race, religion, or sexual orientation but an entire industry has been built around shaming pregnant women for what they eat or if they use cleaning chemicals that trial lawyer groups claim might be 'endocrine disrupting' chemicals.

Food bullying is common now and we can thank marketing groups for perpetuating it. They will pressure people by getting one n a group to believe $8-a-gallon milk with an "organic" label is healthier than $4-a-gallon milk. The somewhat ridiculous Non-GMO Project has gotten over 60,000 products to pay for their label when only a handful of things are actually made using modern science like genetic modification.
In 2015, a group of doctors asked Columbia University to take action against Dr. Oz for his sloppy advocacy of supplements and alternatives to medicine and science while wearing scrubs to give his beliefs an air of authority.

Not only did they refuse, progressives in media rushed to his defense, claiming everyone involved, including Dr. Henry Miller, MD, founding director of the FDA Office of Biotechnology, was part of a right wing cabal. You know. Republicans. out to tear down the Great and Powerful Oz, darling of the left standing up to Big Pharma and the evil corporations trying to block out natural medicine. 
Environmentalists have spent tens of millions of dollars to raise hundreds of millions of dollars convincing people that bees are in decline and that if you don't pay them to stop science, our food ecosystem will collapse.

It's all nonsense, of course. Bees aren't in decline. They do have blips where some mass die-offs occur, but those have been recorded for as long as bee hive numbers have been recorded, over 1,000 years of mass die-offs.

The top three risks for mass bee deaths are varroa mites, varroa mites, and varroa mites. Number four is travel, since the largest impact of bees on our food system is not natural pollination, but pollination on demand. Like almonds in California. Or apples in Alaska.

That's right, apples in Alaska.
California has spent decades using taxpayer money to evangelize their beliefs in solar and wind power but this summer those quasi-religious beliefs could wither before scientific and technological reality.
When a judge declared the Biden administration's attempt to extend the mandate of masks on airplanes unlawful, the Biden administration walked away from that effort. That, to me, was a sign that they knew the science was not on their side but they were placating their constituents who do not really trust vaccines.

Wait, aren't the Republicans the ones who don't trust vaccines? Only for the last year, and only for political reasons. California, which once had more vaccine deniers than the entire rest of the US combined, suddenly claimed to be pro-vaccine. Except weird places like San Francisco told people they needed four shots. And to wear masks outside. 

That is not pro-science, it means you don't trust it at all. Just as always.
Does the CDC dictate property law in the United States? The Biden administration claimed it did, and that was only one of the bizarre efforts to use government agencies to legislate around Congress.

The White House hoped to stretch "Chevron deference", a flawed Supreme Court interpretation which found that government agencies could create rules that act like laws without needing Congress as long as it was in their regulatory mandate, beyond recognition.
In the 'politics makes strange bedfellows' department, the Biden administration conceded that a California judge appointed by Democrats had no legal authority to block a rule denying what Southern states tried to do to keep slavery - say that states rights were supreme over the US.
I got an email from a PR agent for a vitamin company criticizing other vitamin companies for doing a questionnaire for visitors to their website and then recommending up to 8 vitamins based on their health goals and current self-reported state in this material plane. Others got it down to 2 pills a day. Still too many, they said!

The two doctors behind this company did the exact same thing, except the big news was they got it down to 1 pill. In other words, they paid someone to promote the big breakthrough that they created a multivitamin. Multivitamins have existed since 1943. Even during World War II, with sugar and meat rationed, someone found a way to be a grifter and call it science.
The pandemic changed a lot of political landscaping when it comes to science. The anti-vaccine movement was once squarely centered inside the left but now lots of right-wing people have done their best to make Republicans look just as stupid. 

Prior to 2021, environmental activists were not only comfortable with anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists under their umbrella, they embraced them, because they were overwhelmingly their wealthy donors. Now even Brooklyn hipsters and their shoulder cats say they are on Team Science again but the kookier members of the progressive movement remain opposed to nearly all applied science. They are even turning on vegetarians.
Erika Girardi, a "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, has been sued in a new $2.1 million complaint claiming she "aided and abetted" Tom in his law firm Girardi&Keese's alleged financial wrongdoings. They are being sued by the people who represented because he would get settlements and he kept the money, it is claimed.
In the outstanding "Charlie's Angels" film of 2000, a spectacular opening sequence is just that; one of our heroines (in disguise as LL Cool J in disguise African prince? It's never said who "Mr. Jones" is supposed to be, other than awesome) pops the emergency exit door on the very large airplane with her elbow to carry a terrorist wearing a bomb vest into the open air and save everyone.

Drew Barrymore, the heroine in that scene, is about 5'4" and maybe 120 lbs. soaking wet. She couldn't have done that. At 6'2" and 100 lbs. heavier, neither could I. It's great cinema but terrible physics.
If you were an environmental activist or a politician looking to use any world event to gain cultural traction against nuclear science after slowly losing ground due to concerns about climate change, Fukushima was manna from heaven. The prospect of a nuclear meltdown is just what you hoped for to get the most viable clean energy source banned.
It's easy not to be sympathetic to heroin junkies. They are self-victimizing lifestyle addicts and the Obama administration CDC's efforts to blame Big Pharma for a recreational opioid addiction look ridiculous when the same Big Pharma is now saving the world from COVID-19.

But people addicted to heroin are not the same as those who eat too much cheese. There are limits to how we should let politicians diminish the plight of addicts. 
In 2010, during the California governor race, the Jerry Brown campaign called his Republican opponent Meg Whitman a "whore." Democrats not only had no issue with that, the National Organization for Women even rushed to endorse him to prevent criticism of him, with the rationalization that she 'was kind of a whore.'

A lot has changed since then. Democrats are no longer calling it The Monica Lewinsky Scandal or vilifying her to protect President Clinton, and George Soros can no longer get away with blaming fellow Democrat and current Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for Al Franken being forced to resign for his behavior.
With the James Webb Space Telescope reaching its final orbit in space, people are starting to express their belief, and even disbelief, that everything has worked so far. 

No one will be more surprised than NASA. When this project began as a successor to Hubble, the joint confidence level was only 50%. They got funding from Congress in 1996 claiming they could do it but to impartial experts it was a coin flip.