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Due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, lots of people don't want to travel anywhere. Even to the doctor. But prevention in this case may be worse than the disease. 

The World Health Organisation warns that 80,000,000 kids under age 1 are at greater risk of diphtheria, measles and polio because immunization is being hindered in 70 countries.

Of the 129 countries where data are available, 54 percent reported disruptions or a total suspension of vaccination services during March-April 2020. 
Clinical trials are an arduous, costly process in the United States, primarily because every time a drug has side effects or harm not predicted by clinical trials, lawyers sue and then Congress tells FDA to make clinical trials needed for approval more costly and expensive.
An observational study - statistical correlation, no clinical trial was involved - does not show a link between the antimalarial drug chloroquine (or its analogue hydroxychloroquine) and benefit in patients with COVID-19. The pool was nearly 15,000, presumably patients with COVID-19, receiving a combination of any of the four drug regimens, compared with 81,000 who did not. They did find a statistical link to risk of more heart issues.

What does that really mean? Despite what you read in the media about how it does not work, and that it "causes" heart attacks, it really only means the drugs need to go into clinical trials.
It's an election year and the third coronavirus pandemic of the last 17 years so Resistance Journalism has lots of targets for its culture war, which is to say the War on Republicans.

So we have been treated to claims that Trump didn't do enough to prevent coronavirus deaths by letting CDC handle it after they previously claimed he did too much when he put in travel restrictions after WHO said it was unnecessary, because SARS-CoV-2 couldn't spread human to human.

And then stories of defiant tweets about right wingers not wearing masks because they are awful people.
Are you convinced that 300,000 deaths worldwide mean America must stay closed for another three months? You are not alone. You see it everywhere, along with claims that America needs to reopen right this second. 

Which should you believe? None of them. Half of the retweets about coronavirus are done by bots, and that is right out of the Russian and Chinese playbook.
A U.N. report last year estimated that emissions needed to drop by nearly 3 percent per year to keep warming below 2 degrees Celsius. If that model is accurate, temperatures will start plummeting because in April alone emissions dropped 17 percent.
One of the biggest hoaxes of the coronavirus period has been tinctures, such as those promoted by CNN journalist Chris Cuomo and his wife on her website. They don't do anything, but like most naturopathy they let you feel like you are doing something while you wait.
A homeopath, an economist, and a psychologist walk into a homeopathic ER...

That is not the start of a joke, in Stockholm those three did start a homeopathic Emergency Room, as I was reminded by a 2014 Debunking Denialism post, so I went to see if they are still around, and sure enough and it still exists

They claim homeopathy "strengthens the immune system" whatever that means, and for people who believe Science Is A Vast Corporate Conspiracy, that promises to get them off the treadmill of actual medicine.
Anti-science activists should be on the ropes due to COVID-19 because it reaffirms that nature is out to kill us and that alternatives to chemicals and medicine are useless.

Instead, they have doubled down on their rhetoric. Go-to conspiracy site Guardian is claiming modern science (post-1998) has made us more susceptible to disease while progressive stalwarts such as attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claim it is due to 5G cell phone service.
The coronavirus pandemic must be over because the Guardian's war on science has resumed.
Though a study by the Chinese government hoped to throw cold water on the potential for Gilead's remdesivir to treat the most dangerously ill COVID-19 patients, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci said their group is optimistic about the experimental antiviral drug after its analysis of results and the US FDA has indicated it is ready to bypass their usual mountain of paperwork to allow it for a "compassionate use" exemption.
Is your swimming pool a "navigable water of the United States"?

It certainly could have been in a proposed revision of the Clean Water Act of 1972. Luckily, that never came to pass. 

The origin of the attempted new, broad navigable waters definition was a brilliant win-win strategy by the Obama administration. They came up with it to look like they were handing a gift to environmental lawyers - there was no body of water they wouldn't be able to shake down farmers and landowners over - while punting the final ruling to his successor, where they knew it would be revoked.

If it did survive a new EPA leader, and then failed in court, Democrats got to say they tried, and if it succeeded...well, that was never going to happen.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency is under fire by activists and allies in the journalism community again. This time for not continuing to increase regulations on businesses without evidence it will do anything to help the environment.
Environmental Protection Network, a group of former EPA employees under the umbrella of the ironically named Union of Concerned Scientists, is claiming that the science is settled and that American air quality caused coronavirus deaths.

It's as stupid as claims that 5G makes us more susceptible to a virus.
Happy Science does no science despite its name. It's like Scientology that way. It spouts meaningless gibberish that is hard to deny. It's like "wellness" that way. They even offer a preventative for coronavirus, embraced by the kinds of people who claim it must work because they didn't get COVID-19. It's like the "food is medicine" movement that way.
It is election season so political journalists and their allies are using every soundbite during this pandemic for their own gain but the U.S. has been more right than wrong in our response - especially when we ignored WHO.

The President mentioned hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19, the disease that can result from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that originated in Wuhan last year, and the political knives came out for him. He had put in travel restrictions when the United Nations World Health Organisation was saying that the U.S. should not do that and had just denied that coronavirus was a human-to-human disease at all.
China has decided to re-open the "wet" markets in Wuhan, where live animals are butchered, sanitary conditions are non-existent, and which directly led to the coronavirus rampaging across the world, and the World Health Organization has rushed to show support.

No one is surprised. WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus believes anything a communist dictatorship tells him - because the United Nations itself is a centralized paper tiger. It rushes to endorse decisions made by countries that are going to ignore the U.N. anyway. It is the only way their ineffectiveness is not exposed to the rest of the world.
I love chemicals. I keep them in the house because they clean stuff in ways that Seventh Generation nonsense and All Natural Lavender alternatives never will.

But unless they have common names like 'coffee' I don't drink them. Nor should you. Especially if some charlatan slaps the words Miracle Solution on there. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, which is obviously not a church and can only prevent conditions no one has, is selling chlorine dioxide products that it fraudulently claims can treat or prevent COVID-19.
The organic movement and the anti-vaccine movement often go hand-in-hand in the United States - there is a reason Organic Consumers Association will proudly host talks by noted anti-vaccine zealot Robert F.
Though cynics will insist that companies are giving away free stuff as some sort of genius marketing tactic, it is 100% certain none of those claiming such have ever run a company. Giving away free stuff rarely pays off that way.

Companies are made up of people just like you and me, and they care about what is going on. They may even recognize that while everyone is staying home, not everyone has a catalog of games they can play. Not everyone has discretionary money, especially if they are in the groups that have been laid off because of company closures.

Why not give them some games?