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In 2009, one of the first orders of business for self-proclaimed Scientist-In-Chief President Obama was to cancel NASA's Constellation project.

He said he wanted to 'go bigger' but given the hostility of his campaign, politically agnostic people knew what it meant - he was no Nixon, he was never going to allow a program with his predecessor's name on it to get off the ground, so the Constellation had to die to spite Bush. NASA has never really recovered from such overt politicization of science but the problems were evident before that.
Ask a farmer what their most important asset is and they will tell you it's their land. Without it, nothing happens.

Yet the Biden EPA has shown breathtaking hostility to American farmers, insinuating by regulation that not only do American farmers not care about their most important asset, they are systematically destroying it.

It makes no sense but neither does the method EPA is using to undermine American science; namely that they are doing no science at all. Instead, they have stuffed panels with epidemiologists who don't need evidence, they have correlation. Then they use correlation to invoke other regulations and claim it is the Constitution at war on American agriculture, not generational bureaucrats who only even touch grass in photo-ops.
California mandates and subsidizes solar power, but the money for that isn't from all taxpayers, it is instead taxes and fees tacked onto the bills of people who use conventional energy - people in apartments, renters, and anyone who can't afford solar installations.

Worse, solar owners, already privileged, also 'sell electricity back at the same rate they buy it', which everyone knows is impossible. Utilities have employees, infrastructure, and repairs, so without a markup to cover those, they'd be out of business. Thanks to a bulletproof-majority in state politics, science is pushed to the side, and conventional energy users pay even more to so the state can engage in fiscal magic.
It is routinely claimed by trial lawyers and their allied epidemiologists that diet soda has lots of nasty effects on humans. Science has never found that but that is why epidemiology is invoked. If an epidemiologist with an agenda looks at enough rows of diseases and enough columns of foods people claim they ate, it is easy to claim meat causes cancer. Or prevents cancer. Just like organic food causes autism and DDT improves male fertility.

Eco-terrorists perhaps thought Italy was like other European countries and destroying a CRISPR food test plot would make the government apologize and change their evil science ways.
In 1984, a court much farther to the left than today's is to the right made arguably its worst 'social justice living document' ruling - they found that an agency controlled by the president could create new regulations that act as laws if those regulations were in the agency's "mandate." All a president had to do was broaden an agency's mandate, or have a Congressional law written poorly, and anything was possible.
New York makes a big show of banning natural gas and nuclear energy while preventing brownouts across Manhattan by buying natural gas from neighboring Pennsylvania.

President Biden's EPA recently decided that not only should New York be allowed hypocrisy about the sources of its that even Russia-addicted Germany thought was laughable, he wanted Democratic states to be able to sue Republican ones for the emissions created by selling energy to the wealthy elites nearby. So California could sue Idaho and even states as far away as Utah because those states keep Governor Newsom from being the target of a recall vote yet again by selling energy - all the state would have to do is claim PM2.5 "virtual" pollution is wafting over the Sierra Nevadas.
The National Center for Health Statistics shows that average life expectancy for American men in 2022 was down to 74.8 years, 5.4 years lower than American women.
Last week, eco-terrorists attacked and destroyed a new optimized rice called Telemaco Ris8imo, using genetic engineering (assisted evolution techniques) so that it needs less fungicide.

Rice is one of those rather ridiculous crops that western government subsidize and people who don't know anything about agriculture believe needs to be covered in water to grow. It is actually covered in water in Asia to keep it safe from...nature.(1) In many places, water takes energy and if we care about climate change, we want less energy pumping water or importing rice from China on emissions-belching ships. Science to the rescue. So scientists created a rice with three genes tweaked to make it naturally resistant to Pyricularia oryzae, rice blast fungus. 
Trial lawyers suing over a popular weedkiller saw six words they never want to read in a court document approving a motion to dismiss a study they consider vital to their future yacht payments: "Zhang’s meta-analysis is junk science."

This is not just authoritative, it is humiliating.

It doesn't end there. The court saw through their pay-to-publish scam and was immune to their time-honored technique of immediately having a bunch of other papers cite it to increase its impact factor and H-index.
Austrian Environment Minister Leonore Gewessler took one for the environmental team to push through a new environmental bill that few want.

If there is one positive thing that Russia invading Ukraine accomplished, it's forcing Europeans to stop being hypocrites about where their food and energy really derives. It is not Europe, and has not been since they started shutting off coal plants and nuclear energy and claimed solar and wind only needed political will to take over.(1) And that Russian organic food imports were anything more than a placebo in sticker form.(2)
A news article says that 2024 fact checkers are having a hard time keeping up with all of the disinformation and misinformation surrounding the American presidential election. While progressive activists want to allege it's only by the right-wing, that isn't true at all.(1) 
There is no question that American academia is driven more by politics and cultural agendas than being trusted guides for the public, and a new paper by the European Society of Medicine shows that militancy is a key reason why countries which could benefit the most from Golden Rice are terrified of science.

Golden Rice, fortified with β-carotene that becomes vitamin A in the body, should be prized by progressives who mask their hatred of science behind "distrust" of corporations, because it has no corporate control. It is entirely public domain, created by academics to help the world.
It's only psychology surveys so take that for what it's worth but the authors of a new questionnaire with a suspect confidence interval claim millennials are so whiny they say they can't even have a midlife crisis like previous generations.

They can't afford it.
Harvard has found the perfect way to get old liberals to stop yelling at their young progressives due the school's antisemitism, a chronic reality they didn't want exposed in an election year: claim that aliens, cryptoterrestrials, are living in a secret base on the moon. With dinosaurs.
What do you get when you combine food diaries of suspect reliability with an agenda against Big Food?

A prominent epidemiologist. No methodology is deemed too shoddy to manufacture "statistical significance" because few in food epidemiology seem to recognize how useless that is as a barometer for "legitimate result."
Do you believe bees are dying, that GMOs 'need more study', modern pesticides cause impotence?

If so, I know how you vote, and that you would be a great fit as a humanities academic claiming to be an expert about science. Like historian Dr. Naomi Oreskes, who sees conspiracies everywhere except in her tribe, even if a domestic front group for her political party got a gigantic mysterious off-shore anonymous donation through a donor-advised fund because they routinely promoted Russia Today and Sputnik and oppose American science in Russia's two largest exports, energy and food.
What plausible biological mechanism can explain how sticking tiny needs in your neck helps you get pregnant?

There is none, and yet Traditional Chinese "Medicine", also known as acupuncture but under a variety of terms such as folk medicine, traditional medicine, alternative medicine, complementary medicine...and then whatever new rebrand needs to be done when people stop paying for the old one. Mumbo-jumbo about Yin And Yang and Dao and Modalities and Mindfulness are fine, as long as you consult a real doctor. If you went to a legitimate specialist and got treatment but are convinced "music therapy" helped you get pregnant, okay, but don't pretend you should write a book about it.
Like all countries with a plan, China regards food as a strategic resource, so while western nations dither about new foods that require fewer pesticides and less water on less land, the communist dictatorship is moving ahead.

This time with genetically engineered wheat. The product that eco-terrorists in the US wouldn't even allowed to be grown in a contained field without engaging in destruction. Environmentalists hate science that much.
The social sciences, "science" only in that way that something like military science is, a proper name, are instead in the humanities camp, and overwhelmingly biased against non-progressives, so it is no surprise that censorship, self-censorship, deplatforming, and suppression of anyone who deviates from the majority is common.

Psychology is driven by surveys, most often undergraduates at their school, commonly undergraduates in psychology classes, and if there is budget including people who get paid to take surveys. To the real world the results are 'a social science of undergraduates' and nothing more, so no one takes it too seriously. Except other psychologists.