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Recycling in America has long been controversial and no place more than California, where 'recycling garbage' was a short time ago one of California's top exports.

No one believed China was recycling it but that they said they did was good enough for politicians and elites on the coast, so California claimed they met pollution targets - by continuing to add new items to dump into those blue bins that went into Chinese landfills for the next 300 years.
Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words and sometimes it tells a whole book on how markets and freedom to science without government blockades can improve the lives of everyone.

This USDA chart shows the land in use versus affordability of food versus population and it is breathtaking. Imagine what the world would have done if backward places like Europe and Russia adopted American science and technology. If we are dreaming, let's imagine a world where every country used science to grow food. Farmland equal to the entire country of India could revert to nature.

If you live in a state like California, which can't balance its checkbook but thinks it knows everything about science and health, you are besieged with cancer warning labels, prediabetes awareness campaigns, and the vaping form of 'Reefer Madness' in commercials. Then they tell us in another taxpayer-funded campaign that young people are undergoing 'toxic stress' more than others.

We won't let them go out to play without a tracking device and a Ring camera, because everyone is potentially a kidnapper, so we might want to consider we're part of that stress problem.
It is impossible to not know about 'miracle' weight loss drugs when progressive science magazines like Science called them the "2023 Breakthrough of the Year", something they never said about GMOs despite those feeding 2 billion people with less environmental strain than ever before.

Hey, they're not dumb, they know the demographics of 94 percent of their subscriber base - and anything that helps the rich have much better health outcomes than those poor people is good for business.

That's what Mounjaro, Ozempic, Wegovy, and Zepbound do, create new health disparities. If you are a Sneetch who wants a new health star, Ozempic-face is the look you need.
A tsunami and an earthquake led to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear incident in which three of its reactors had meltdowns.

Though it needed a perfect storm of events for that to happen, the science community knew future meltdowns would be impossible - and easily avoidable if Democrats led by President Bill Clinton and Senator John Kerry hadn't gotten nuclear research effectively banned in 1994. If American technological progress had been allowed to continue, America would have 4th generation nuclear power, with no damaging byproducts and no risk of meltdown.(1)
The death of a California woman has been attributed to an Asian supplement, Cao Bôi Trĩ Cây Thầu Dầu, a 'castor oil hemorrhoid extract' that is actually about 4% lead, a “highly dangerous amount.”
We occasionally publish content from The Conversation though it is no surprise that the company goes hard to the left. A friend received a job offer and then had it pulled because staffers were concerned that some of his science tweets sounded *gasp* conservative.

At least NPR would discriminate against those outside their tribe in the hiring stage, The Conversation looked worse by being hypocrites pretending that science and health were their touchstones, and not science topics their political demographic endorses.
There was a time when Consumers Union, the company behind Consumer Reports, which claims to impartially test products, was a trusted brand.(1) That was before key employees were caught colluding with grifters like Dr. Oz to pick winners and losers in the marketplace.
It has become commonplace for government officials to bypass record-keeping laws by using personal email accounts, even if they are discussing official business. Illegal, but commonplace.
After a combination of natural disasters forced the shutdown of a nuclear reactor in Japan, taxpayer-funded activists in Germany seized on the hysteria to demand that their country switch to solar and wind energy. The technology was ready, they insisted, all that was needed was "political will" and the government needed to "show leadership" - and so the people believed. 
Thanks to mandates by government forcing automobile manufacturers to make them, and subsidies for the wealthy to buy them, electric cars were 8% of purchases last year.

They would not be anywhere near that otherwise. Electric cars are not just a gimmick for the 1%, they are a gimmick for only the 0.6% and rental car companies, besieged by onerous maintenance and repair costs, are scuttling plans to add more. Hertz is the latest to say 'no thank you' to claims they need to get with the electric program. They have reneged on a commitment to 25% of their fleet by the end of 2024 and instead are dumping 20,000 of them to save money.
The Biden EPA has been no friend to science. Like with his other agencies, if the president can't have science or Congress on his side, he will change the mandate of EPA and then direct them to do what he wants. A 1984 Supreme Court ruling made that possible.
When you read that NPR has 87 Democrats in editorial positions and 0 Republicans, are you really surprised?

No, but when much of corporate media, and nearly as much of academia as NPR, is similarly skewed to the left, NPR looks fair and balanced. Yet 14 years ago I warned that they skewed so heavily to rich, white, progressives they risked losing public trust.
California is under fire for claiming to care about emissions while being responsible for the overwhelming majority of a chemical that activists link to climate change.

The state at least feigns concern about pollution. It mandates and subsidizes solar power and electric cars, forcing the poor to pay the nation's highest gasoline and utility costs as a result, and tells them they should feel ethical doing it. They throw up ridiculous maps showing PM2.5, small micron particulate matter so tiny you need an electron microscope to see it, to keep people in a panic about pollution when the state actually has some of the best air quality in the world.(1)
There was a time when Paul Thacker was part of a progressive commune that all endorsed and supported each other in their 'science is a corporate conspiracy' bubble. They had infested what passed for the Journalism department at NYU, progressive websites such as Grist, and even journals like otherwise reputable PLOS. His work shilling for Natural Resources Defense Council opposing agriculture for their lawyers was applauded.
Environmental lawyers are teeing up to sue decaffeinated coffee companies. They just need the Biden administration to ban it, but they can't using science. They want him to use OSHA. 

As when the president used OSHA to circumvent Congress and mandate COVID-19 vaccines (he did not do that for government employees) and as he did with other agencies like EPA to advance his desire to ban products. 

They want the ban now in case he doesn't win the election in November. 
After seeing the results of a randomized, controlled, double-blind, multinational, multi-center trial where 390 subjects got either Zevtera (192) or daptomycin plus optional aztreonam [the comparator] (198), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Zevtera (ceftobiprole medocaril sodium for injection) for adults with Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infections (bacteremia, adults with acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections, and pediatric patients three months and older with community-acquired bacterial pneumonia.

For bacteremia, 69.8 percent who received Zevtera achieved overall success compared to the current treatment at 68.7 percent.
The science community is cheering while European politicians are seething, because Ghana’s National Biosafety Authority has approved 14 new genetic engineering products; eight corn and six soybean varietals.

Europe wields a heavy hammer in Africa. They subsidize to make sure they can compete with local farmers and then dictate to Africans that if they use any process that European NGOs want banned, the products can't be exported to Europe.
Anti-science activists and the environmental lawyers who fund them were giddy that a paper found Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in 45 percent of water they tested.

Oh no, let's run Big Science out of business. It's for the children!
College students who took out $200,000 in loans to get degrees in 18th century French poetry are hoping to get their stupidity waived before the 2024 election, but until then it's smart to look at jobs that are in growing fields.

Northeastern elites want to hire other northeastern elites and the magazine Newspeak took a survey of growing businesses and found that the top field hired by wealthy people in 2024 will be Rat Whisperer.

If you bought that New York City penthouse apartment from Jon Stewart for $17.5 Million when it had a market value of $1.8M an asset value of $800,000, you are not the victim of a victimless crime - if you are a Republican, anyway, it is just the free market when he does it - you just didn't know how to deal with rats.