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Imaging The Human Body With Muons
The Virus That Turns Physicists Into Crackpots
Formaldehyde: The Carcinogen That Wasn’t
Six-muon Events Probe Proton Collision Dynamics
Today I took delivery of my copy of Tony Zee’s third contribution to the Princeton University Press In a Nutshell series: “>
Will anyone own land in space? Could an individual, company or country claim the Moon? Will we have countries in space, organized by ideas and religions, and territories just as we have on Earth? Will they go to war with each other over territories, resources or ideas as they do on Earth? Look at this carefully, and>
You won't see these in a Whole Foods any time soon, but science has a way to improve the microbiological safety of meat; antimicrobial agents incorporated into edible films. As a bonus, they seal in flavor, freshness and color, according to researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences. Using films>
A certain demographic have long had concerns about vaccines causing autism, along with fears about GMOs and cellphones causing cancer.That last one has been the least active. Rich people have always been able to afford organic food and to count on poor kids getting enough vaccines to create herd immunity for their>
Anyone announcing the successful sale of tourist trips around the moon would attract ridicule and laughter. Unless your name is Elon Musk. In that case the announcement amounts to nothing more than a logical and rather modest step towards Musk's promise of getting a million people to live on Mars. >
Bumblebee safety alert; don't put holograms in that meadow or near the urban beehive you probably regret buying.  A new study shows that bees, which are already confounded by lots of different things, are mystified by iridescent colors, colors that seem to change based on the angle you view them from. Like bubbles>