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The text below is the second part of what could have become "Chapter 13" of the book "Anomaly! Collider Physics and the Quest for New Phenomena at Fermilab", which I published in 2016. For part 1 see here. Collaboration membership from CDF to CDF II>
(Inside Science) -- For the first time, an intact world may have been discovered around a white dwarf, suggesting that even after typical stars die, they may still host planets, a new study finds.White dwarfs are the cooling Earth-size cores of dead stars left behind after average-size stars have exhausted their fuel>
University of Utah engineers have devised a new way to slice thin wafers of germanium for use in efficient solar power cells. They say the new method should lower the cost of such cells by reducing the waste and breakage of the brittle semiconductor. Germanium solar cells are expensive and so are only now used>
Where is 'sea level' and how far above sea level is a particular place located?  Quite a lot of things may go wrong in bridge building and the inhabitants of the German and the Swiss parts of Laufenburg were looking forward to a new bridge over the Rhine, the High Rhine Bridge, when they were taken aback by>
Superman's X-ray vision may be closer than you think.   The tubes that power X-ray machines are shrinking and also improving in clarity.A team of nanomaterial scientists, medical physicists, and cancer biologists at the University of North Carolina has developed new lower-cost X-ray tubes packed with sharp-tipped>