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Sometimes browsing the Cornell ArXiv results in very interesting reading. It is the case with the preprint I got to read today, "DAMA/LIBRA annual modulation and Axion Quark Nugget Dark Matter Model", by Ariel Zhitnitsky. This article puts forth a bold speculative claim, which I found exciting for a variety of reasons>
This is me according to the Daily Express. End of world: Scientist’s terrifying warning of apocalypse asteroid - ‘Would boil oceans!’ It is nonsense! I gave no warning, and as a science blogger I am not the person to issue a warning either. I wrote an article to HELP scared people who panic about>
After Friedrich Wohler accidentally synthesized urea in 1828, chemical synthesis - and organic synthesis for that - has been a driving force in pharmaceutical innovation. We live longer and better than ever and we can thank the continuous advancement of synthetic chemistry, which allows scientists to design and build>
To look at Matthew Houdek, you could never tell he was born with virtually no left ear.A surgery at Loyola University Health System made it possible for Houdek to be fitted with a prosthetic ear that looks just like the real thing.Ear-nose-throat surgeon Dr. Sam Marzo implanted three small metal screws in the side>
This idea dates back to the Russians in the early 1970s. The surface of Venus is far too hot, and the atmosphere too dense, for Earth life. However, our air is a lifting gas on Venus with about half the lifting power of helium on Earth. A habitat filled with normal air will float high in the dense Venus atmosphere>
What Color Is An Orange ?A question like that, here at, just has to be a trick question.It is possible, by the application of common sense arguments, to prove to a scientific level of certainty that an orange is absolutely not orange.How don't we see ?Between 41% and 67% of participants, depending on>