Chasing The Higgs Self Coupling
Dissent Over Results Of Federal CLARITY-BPA Study
The James Webb Space Telescope Continues To Bleed...
Excited B_c State Seen By ATLAS Is Not Confirmed...
Elon Musk's Cherry Red Tesla A Billion Years From Now
The world of particle physics is in turmoil because of a presentation by Alessandro Strumia, an Italian phenomenologist, at CERN's "1st workshop on high energy theory and gender", and its aftermath. By now the story has been echoed by many major newscasters around the world, and discussed in public and private>
What would it take to grow potatoes or tomatoes in space? Some mycorrhiza, it turns out. Currently NASA can't even get a telescope into space without being wildly over budget and 10 years behind schedule so they are not putting colonies on the moon any time soon. But the private sector might. And if that is going>
Learning from history should keep us from repeating our mistakes. Yet when it comes to environmental politics, the opposite seems to be true. History and improved scientific understanding fail to inform, while alarmism and irrational fears drive policy.>
Stanford University scientists say they can make wind power a steady, dependable source of electricity but it will require connecting wind farms throughout a given geographic area with new transmission lines, always a difficult sell for people who live in the affected area. The findings are published in the November>
Autonomous SatellitesHow smart does a satellite have to be to function? I'm working on the design of the Project Calliope satellite, and near as I can tell, it doesn't need a brain. All it needs is energy, sensors, the ability to yell or shut up, and a small stuffed animal.Let's back up a bit. My picosatellite kid>
A new imaging system uses walls, doors or floors as 'mirrors' to gather information about scenes that it can't see, even though those objects are not reflective.Yes, it could ultimately lead to imaging systems that allow emergency responders to evaluate dangerous environments or vehicle navigation systems that can>