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Happy Birthday To The Neutron
Stop Worrying About A 'Dark Matter Hurricane'
Machine Learning For Jet Physics
Single Top Production Nailed By LHC Experiments
Anomaly Detection: Unsupervised Learning For New...
I am reading a fun paper today, while traveling back home. I spent the past three days at CERN to follow a workshop on machine learning, where I also presented the Anomaly Detection algorithm I have been working on in the past few weeks (and about which I blogged here and here). This evening, I needed a work assignment>
RR Auction in Boston has a selection of pretty interesting Apollo program stuff, but you have to bid before 7PM.This is the perfect time to sell, the 50th anniversary of the moon landing is a month away, so it may not be the perfect time to buy. I have made a decent amount of money selling key comics a month before>
After attracting scorn with bizarre classifications of a weedkiller, bacon, and hot tea, the French statistics group known as the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) decided to puncture claims that activists had manipulated the process by doing a flip-flop on coffee. Though they were widely expected>
After Top Gun, the number of fighter pilot recruits exploded. After CSI took over the country, more people went into forensic science. The lesson? Media definitely makes a difference in the level of interest of a topic - An Inconvenient Truth, anyone? - so perhaps getting authentic, real-life science out in front>
Hey, you got simulation in my roleplay! Hey, you got roleplay in my simulation! Wait, it's two great tastes that taste great together! Thus my students surprised me when they tossed in a role-based stance into what I thought was a straightforward systems engineering analysis. Herein lies the tale.Background: I'm teaching>
What Color Is An Orange ?A question like that, here at, just has to be a trick question.It is possible, by the application of common sense arguments, to prove to a scientific level of certainty that an orange is absolutely not orange.How don't we see ?Between 41% and 67% of participants, depending on>