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The text below is the sixth and last part of what could have become "Chapter 13" of the book "Anomaly! Collider Physics and the Quest for New Phenomena at Fermilab", which I published in 2016.>
The galaxy, named R5519, is 11 billion light-years from our Solar System and it is making stars at a rate 50 times greater than the Milky Way. The hole at its centre is truly massive, with a diameter two billion times longer than the distance between the Earth and the Sun. That means it is three million times bigger>
The Scream is not one work of art but several; two paintings, two pastels, several lithographic prints and a few drawings and sketches. Edvard Munch  was a practical artist so if the check cleared he would make another.His original Tempera on Cardboard is the most well-known version and can be found in Oslo’s>
Why did the supersonic trans-Atlantic Concorde aircraft end up being a huge flop? It is commonly believed that European subsidies don't make for efficient airlines and the cost made it impossible to keep the aircraft maintained - but a new paper by a mechanical engineer says it was...evolution.  Adrian Bejan>
Where is 'sea level' and how far above sea level is a particular place located?  Quite a lot of things may go wrong in bridge building and the inhabitants of the German and the Swiss parts of Laufenburg were looking forward to a new bridge over the Rhine, the High Rhine Bridge, when they were taken aback by>
Using light waves to accelerate supercurrents can discern forbidden light the quantum world, where the conventional laws of physics are already forbidden.Supercurrents are scientifically strange. At super cold temperatures, they can give us electricity that moves through materials without resistance and use of light>