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When two giant LIGO detectors are switched on in the US next year, they will help scientists pick up the faint ripples of black hole collisions millions of years ago, known as gravitational waves.  Black holes cannot be seen, but scientists hope the revamped detectors, which act like giant microphones, will>
ESA have just signed a letter of intent to co-operate with NASA on a Mars sample return mission (see Agencies aim to bring back rocks from Mars). I hope this does not mean a change of focus for ESA, from in situ searches, to a sample return. This expensive NASA program is more of a geological sample return and technology>
Environmental Working Group recently rolled out its annual Dirty Dozen list of foods that ... wait, did they?This year, no one seems to know or care if a group of lawyers paid an intern to go through USDA pesticide data and did simple arithmetic to declare how 'toxic' fruit was unless the pesticides on it were made>
I went to the Scottish Games in Woodland, California last weekend, two young boys in tow.  They weren't remotely interested in Scottish women doing traditional dances and they were vaguely intrigued by why men wore kilts."Papa, why is that man wearing a skirt?" Colin asked.Being that we were east of highway 5>
If you are planning to take the long trip to Mars, don't forget to pack sleeping pills and skin cream. A new study examines the medications used by astronauts on long-duration missions to the International Space Station. As one might expect, the study shows that much of the medicine taken by astronauts in space relates>
Of the estimated 20,000 genes humans have, only a fraction are turned on at any given time. It depends on the cell's needs, which can change by the minute or hour. Determining what those genes are doing means using tools that can manipulate their status on similarly short timescales and that is now possible with technology>