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Metastasis is the formation of secondary tumors and a leading contributor to deaths related to cancer. The exact mechanism for how cellular function becomes broken in cells far removed from a cancer’s primary tumor have been unclear.But it's been pondered for almost a hundred years. It was postulated that metastatic>
Secondhand smoke remains controversial because it takes statistical manipulation to link it to any deaths. Yes, it can be harmful to asthmatics, just like perfume or a wine cellar, but a whole advocacy industry has not been built up talking about how wine cellars must be killing people. And the most comprehensive>
A just published scientific study conducted by researchers at the University of Miami School of Nursing in conjunction with The Sirkin Creative Living Center (SCLC) has found that Rescue Remedy®, an all-natural remedy created from flower essences, is an effective over-the-counter stress reliever with a comparable>
Prosopagnosia or prosopagnosia, is a perceptual deficit acquired or congenital central nervous system that prevents individuals who are affected to properly recognize people's faces, it is determined by a damaged area of the brain to the task, turn fusiform.It was studied thoroughly in the eighteenth century by several>
In people affected by acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome it may often be observed a rise of cutaneous emergencies, whose impact spans from 25% in asyntomatic subjects to 100% in the case of very evident AIDS. The frequency and the atypic nature of these emergencies gives a highlighted role to the dermatologist, characterizing>
 If you have seen a face in the clouds or you have been part of a phenomenon called "pareidolia" - a willingness to recognize a non-face object as a human face. Humans sometimes perceive an inherently meaningless object such as a pattern, landscape or object as another object, one that has meaning. It's why alternative>