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Glyphosate And Cancer Link Fails To Show Evidence
Recently findings could help to reduce health care charges while also protecting childhood cancer survivors from heart ailments caused by drug therapy.  The paper reviewed data from patient histories to show that current standard medical guidelines for protecting childhood cancer survivors from drug treatment>
You know why soup tastes good - and your dogs love it too. It's bone marrow fat. Now it may be healthier to eat delicious. A study has found that the fat tissue in bone marrow is a significant source of the hormone adiponectin, which helps maintain insulin sensitivity, break down fat, and has been linked to decreased>
Taking oral contraceptives can lower a young women’s bone density according to research by LMU Professor of Natural Science Hawley Almstedt and Oregon State University Professor of Natural Science Christine M. Snow. This is the first study to analyze 18-25 year old women oral contraceptives and bone density.>
Roses (genus Rosa) encompass over 100 known species. Cultivated for their fragrance and beauty, roses historically have been the center of much praise. Poets have dedicated odes to their beauty,  they have been desired by centuries of gardeners and are one of the most universal symbols, often representing love and>
By 2030, life expectancy in England and Wales is expected to reach 85.7 years for men and 87.6 years for women, losing the gap between male and female life expectancy from 6 years in 1981 to just 1·9 years by 2030, according to a new study.  Between 1981 and 2012, national life expectancy in England and Wales>
Eyes are the interface between the outside world and our brain's perceptions.   Being the instrument of sight, and therefore a lot of our information, we rely on the functions of our eyes quite obsessively, and why wouldn't we?  They make it possible to observe our beautiful world and really appreciate different>