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STAINES, England, August 28 /PRNewswire/ --- Not for distribution in the United Kingdom- Research Adds to Already Demonstrated Efficacy in Adult PopulationParents and paediatricians are today welcoming the results of new research that adds additional support for an effective and well tolerated treatment for children>
Contrary to claims by proponents, only a minimal amount of heavy metals are removed in the hookah 'filtration' process. On average, only 3% of heavy metals present in tobacco are removed and this would not be enough to protect users from exposure to the toxins. Shisha smokers claim that a hookah is less damaging>
With a porous southern border, street fentanyl continues to enter the United States and be purchased by recreational drug users, all while the U.S. government continues to treat suffering cancer patients like criminals when it comes to legitimate pain medication access. It isn't much better in Canada, according to>
A new study finds that hugging a romantic partner can prevent the acute stress response of female bodies.Women who embrace their romantic partner prior to undergoing a stressful experience had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in saliva compared to women who did not embrace their partner. No effect was found>
In mice, caloric restriction has been found to increase aging but obviously mice are not little people, and mice are weaned on a starvation diet. That cannot and will never happen in humans. Yet  restricting calories even by 20 percent has been shown to promote longer life in animal models.>
Eyes are the interface between the outside world and our brain's perceptions.   Being the instrument of sight, and therefore a lot of our information, we rely on the functions of our eyes quite obsessively, and why wouldn't we?  They make it possible to observe our beautiful world and really appreciate different>