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Imagine if a naturally occurring chemical in your body could help make you feel more calm and relaxed – but it would only work during the long days of summer. The same chemical would, instead, make you aggressive and nasty when you were exposed to less daylight during the winter. That's exactly what occurs>
Think shoes aren't important for women?   You would be wrong, though perhaps not for the reasons you want to believe.A recent Arthritis Care&Research study says that women who make poor shoe choices early in life are at greater risk for foot pain in later years. Apparently, men do not experience the same foot>
Scientists led by Dr. Pamela Ting have reported the discovery and characterization of the first molecular glue degraders of the WIZ transcription factor for fetal hemoglobin derepression in Sickle Cell Disease, which means a pill-based therapy for humans could begin development.Sickle Cell Disease is a genetic life>
Neanderthals had a brain at birth of a similar size to that of modern-day babies. However, after birth, their brain grew more quickly than it does for Homo sapiens and became larger too. Nevertheless, the individual lifespan ran just as slowly as it does for modern human beings. These new insights into the history>
NEW YORK, May 21 /PRNewswire/ --- Empowering Next Generation Smart Grid -Bayard Group Pty Ltd. today announced it is creating the new leader in energy management by uniting its family of green technology companies under one global brand, Landis+Gyr, a name synonymous with technological innovation in energy measurement>
Last year, as our O2Amp technology got into the hands of more and more users (mainly interested in their various medical applications), we began hearing back from many color-blind folk. One of our three technologies, they told us, gave them the surprising ability to distinguish reds and greens, exactly what their>