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As medical care has improved, doctors are able to screen for cancer earlier than ever, and that is why cancer cases in young adults and adolescents are prevalent enough that they can be considered a distinct population.Age remains the biggest factor for everything, of course, if you live long enough you are going>
Recently, Pfizer and BioNTech released promising preliminary results of their clinical Phase III trials with 40,000 participants for their RNA vaccine candidate. This report suggests 90% efficacy for protection against SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes the CoVID-19 disease. However, there is no peer-reviewed>
A case is reported of a 28 year old man referring the appearance of swollen blisters due to insignificant trauma since birth. Later he noticed progressive changes of the skin as teleangectasies, atrophic spots, sensivity to sun, dystrohic fingermails and webbing between fingers.The patient was hospitalized several>
A new study offers insights about the interaction between a toxic protein called progerin and telomeres, which cap the ends of chromosomes like aglets, the plastic tips that bind the ends of shoelaces.   Telomeres wear away during cell division. When they degrade sufficiently, the cell stops dividing and>
A new paper finds that widely available retinal imaging techniques may help reveal more about brain disease and monitor treatment efficacy, including a currently untreatable form of childhood-onset dementia, Sanfilippo syndrome.Sanfilippo syndrome is one of a group of about 70 inherited conditions which collectively>