There are people who consider themselves atheists because they cannot justify or understand the existence of God and they have doubts based on science. However, I will explain to you why I believe in God and there are for me no conflicts with scientific discoveries.

There are several movies as well as certain philosophical reflections, and scientific studies that consider that we are living in a world that can be described in a computer simulation, implying that our lives are unreal. Our existence is just part of a computer simulation.

Unlike Alex Durig, who has given us 5 Predictions for 2017, I will not attempt to make any.  Rather I will try to enjoy what remains of the 12 days of Christmas (the last one being the 5th of January, and I do not have the energy to pop over to Russia to enjoy another Christmas Day on the 6th.)

What happened after Lisa ran out puking, escaping the stupid Donald Trump follower’s office in the mathematics department?

Heil Hitler Screaming Nazi: Heil Hitler! Great News Everybody!

Stupid Donald Trump Follower: Hey, I told you not to do that. The walls have ears.

Heil Hitler Screaming Nazi: People need to hear me so that your nonsense is accepted as the new middle. Shifting the Overton window – this is how we did it all.

Stupid Donald Trump Follower: Look, he is not even inaugurated yet. Let’s be careful. You can be openly my friend or you can be open about reality, but one of them has to be still secret.
Etiquette for Politicians

Some burning questions of the day for President-elect Donald Trump.

Etiquette for Politicians

Should a democrat not curtsey to a monarch?
Should a communist ask favours from the GOP?
Should a UKIP member bow to a eurocrat, then how?
And should fascists march or run, or simply stop?

Should prime ministers wear breton caps or bowlers?
Should a lib-dem wear waxed cotton or a mac?
If a voter offers cash, should one quickly say "must dash"
Or accept it and make haste to change one's track?

Should opponents not be banned from public places?
Is a heckler at speeches to be shot?
How stupid was he?

He shut down the Center for Groundwater Research. I quote him: “You don’t need to grind water. It’s a liquid.”

He closed our renowned Digital Signal Processing program. He was then unable to process, when faculty flashed him a certain digital signal.

Next to go was the knockout mouse lab. He said, “They have some attractive mice, but none that I’d call a real knockout.”

Though politicians in Paris cheering a climate accord that 150 out of the 200 countries present have no intention of honoring is getting all of the attention, a more pressing concern is being ignored: a Zombie apocalypse.

Tara Smith, Associate Professor at Kent State University in Ohio says in the Christmas issue of The BMJ(1) that emerging zombie infections have been identified around the globe and, though sporadic, are becoming a source of greater concern to the medical and public health community.

The cycling World champion is significantly less successful during the year when he wears the rainbow jersey than in the previous year, and many have said this is due to a curse.

Thomas Perneger at Geneva University Hospital, Switzerland, put his intellectual petal to the metal to find out if this curse is real and details his work in the Christmas issue of The BMJ.(1)

The "rainbow" jersey is worn by the current cycling World champion (it is white, with bands of blue, red, black, yellow and green across the chest) and many cyclists believe that the World champion will be afflicted with all manner of misery while wearing the jersey- injury, disease, family tragedy, doping investigations, even death - but especially a lack of wins.

In what can really only be described as a conference for people nobody likes, Sepp Blatter and Vladimir Putin hung out recently to discuss slave labor (probably), embezzlement (definitely) and the 2018 FIFA World Cup (unfortunately) which will be held in Russia.
By ridiculing vampires, or assuming they are all like those "Twilight" movies, society is making real vampires afraid to come out of the coffin, according to social workers.

Real vampires are different than lifestyle vampires, like goths, otherkin, furries and various BDSM identities, say the authors. Think of it like the difference between people with Celiac disease and rich, white women who adapted going gluten-free as a new diet - except Celiac disease is real and there are no real vampires.