Silence on BPA is Deafening - Let's Get Clarity
Chasing The Higgs Self Coupling
Encounters With Giant Sharks In The Arctic
Guardian Science Blog Deserved Death
Guest Post: Alessandro De Angelis, Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
I am very happy to host here today an article by my INFN colleague Alessandro de Angelis, a well-known and authoritative italian astrophysicist. Alessandro has recently published a beautiful new book on this subject, which I invite you to have a look at (see link at the bottom of the article) ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Appeals Court Wants EPA To Ban Chlorpyrifos, Without Seeing Any Data
Environmental trial lawyers are thrilled that the politically friendly 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California ordered EPA to ban chlorpyrifos but the science is even less settled than the court case is. And this court case is far from settled, because it should never have been heard ...
By Hank Campbell
The Infant Universe In 3-D - Now With 4,000 More Young Galaxies
In the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society and in a presentation at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science in Liverpool, a team announced one of the largest 3D maps of the infant Universe.And along with it almost 4,000 early galaxies, many of which will have evolved ...
By News Staff
Bees Confused By Iridescent Colors - And What That Means For Camouflage
Bumblebee safety alert; don't put holograms in that meadow or near the urban beehive you probably regret buying.  A new study shows that bees, which are already confounded by lots of different things, are mystified by iridescent colors, colors that seem to change based on the angle you view ...
By News Staff
Not As Scary As It Seems: Planet At Risk Of Heading Towards “Hothouse Earth” State
This is scaring some people - because they describe dramatic things that could happen like floods tens of meters deep, and the world too hot for humans. Most of this is for far into the future. The sea rising 10s of meters would be thousands of years into the future - many of the news stories ...
By Robert Walker
Diversity Of An Ecosystem Is Important, Not Size
Though countries like the United States and Ireland have far more forest than they did a century ago, professional environmentalists insist there needs to be more. From butterflies to bees, some groups insist more of the modern world must be reverted to nature, even when it comes to formerly ecologic ...
By News Staff
Large Antarctic Penguin Colony May Have Shrunk 88%
The National Nature Reserve of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands is home to the world's biggest colony of king penguins and if satellite images are being interpreted accurately, they have seen a massive 88% reduction in the size of their colony, located on Île aux Cochons, in the ...
By News Staff
Better Standards Of Living Have Led To Marine Pollution, Not Too Many Straws
American cities nationwide, riding a wave of populism brought about by media attention, are looking to ban straws, claiming they will save the planet doing so. Companies are naturally following suit - companies always will, because consumers pay the cost and if they are happy paying more while ...
By News Staff
Like Shark Week? Thank The Cretaceous Mass Extinction Event
Ground sharks (Carcharhiniformes) are the most diverse shark group living today, with over 200 different species, and they are one of the major groups that survived the Cretaceous–Palaeogene mass extinction which is why we have the Tiger, Hammerhead, and Blacktip Reef sharks and lamniforms by ...
By News Staff
Great Tits Have Same Impulse Control As Chimpanzees
Impulse control is associated with larger cognitively advanced animals like humans and other primates, but there are exceptions, like ravens. Now a recent study shows that the great tit, a common European songbird, has a tremendous capacity for self-control - almost the same as chimpanzees.  ...
By News Staff
Endophytes: Study Shows GMO Corn Has No Impact On Good Bacteria
Bt modification in maize does not affect non-target beneficial microorganisms such as endophytes, according to a new study. This debunks some of the more obscure claims made by activists opposed to genetic engineering (suicides in India being the most bizarre. Genetically modified Bt corn contains ...
By News Staff
Hurricane-Induced Natural Selection: Surviving Lizards Have Different Toes
The 2017 hurricane season was one of the most expensive in the Atlantic Ocean region. Hurricane Harvey hit in mid-August 2017, followed just a few weeks later by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria in September. Each of these storms had winds in excess of 125 mph, with Irma up to 170 mph. Damage ...
By News Staff
Do Any Supplements Work For A Cold?
Last week I had a shocking cold. Blocked nose, sore throat, and feeling poorly. This made me think about the countless vitamins and supplements on the market that promise to ease symptoms of a cold, help you recover faster, and reduce your chance of getting another cold. When it comes to the common ...
By The Conversation
Metastasis: Broken Cellular Function Mechanism Observed In Mice
Metastasis is the formation of secondary tumors and a leading contributor to deaths related to cancer. The exact mechanism for how cellular function becomes broken in cells far removed from a cancer’s primary tumor have been unclear.But it's been pondered for almost a hundred years. It was postulated ...
By News Staff
Pareidolia: We're Secretly Judging Face Likeness
 If you have seen a face in the clouds or you have been part of a phenomenon called "pareidolia" - a willingness to recognize a non-face object as a human face. Humans sometimes perceive an inherently meaningless object such as a pattern, landscape or object as another object, one that has ...
By News Staff
Picky Eaters Are In Fine Health
A recent study in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds that picky eaters are healthier. That doesn't mean you shouldn't encourage kids to try new things, but they are not going to end up unhealthy if they sat at the dinner table for an hour and still didn't eat that cabbage. And it debunks ...
By News Staff
Young Religious Americans Care About The Environment, Because Religious Leaders Have Avoided Activist Politics
Young religious Americans are more concerned about the environment than older parishioners, and that may be thanks to religious leaders. They talk about caring for the world given to them and avoid the political activism.  Lukas Szrot, a University of Kansas doctoral candidate in sociology ...
By News Staff
Congress Pulls Funding For IARC Statistics Organization
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is part of the World Health Organisation, which is part of the United Nations, but it is really its own agency that shares little in common with WHO. Whereas WHO wants to save lives, IARC has taken to using statistics to scaremonger trace chemicals ...
By News Staff
UNESCO Adds 34 Sites To Biosphere Reserves
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) branch of the United Nations has added 24 new sites to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, bring the total number to 686.Biosphere reserves are sites hoping to couple conservation of biodiversity and human activity ...
By News Staff
Would Your Dog Help You Stop Being Upset? Apparently Yes
While cats are generally regarded as being aloof and uncaring, dogs are called "man's best friend." They are in tune with our emotions, it is said. "Lassie" had a level of connection with her humans that only television could write, but there has always been anecdotal evidence that dogs will ...
By News Staff
State Attorneys General File To Block Open Source Information - Because The Info Is A Printed Gun
The Attorneys General of Democratic states Washington, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Maryland, New York (plus the District of Columbia) are filing a lawsuit against the Trump administration to block the open source distribution of materials that enable the printing ...
By News Staff
For The Love Of The Internet, Stop Sharing Bullshit
There is very little I love more than the world wide web. No, seriously, I mean it. Internet has changed my life more than any other "thing" around, and it has provided me with an enormous wealth - information, knowledge, simplification of otherwise difficult tasks, ease of access to data, solution ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
A Hoax Academic Paper About How Politicians Wipe Their Butts Was Published - And I Did It
I had what seemed like rather a good idea a few weeks back. Building on some prominent findings in social psychology, I hypothesized that politicians on the right would wipe their bum with their left hand; and that politicians on the left would wipe with their right hand.Ludicrous? Yes – absolutely ...
By The Conversation
Hepatitis B In Africa Might Be Solved With A $20 Test
Sub-Saharan Africa has around 80 million people infected with hepatitis B, a liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus, but it infects around 250 million people worldwide. It can be a mild illness lasting a few weeks or a serious, lifelong condition. It is transmitted through blood and bodily ...
By News Staff
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