Glyphosate And Cancer Link Fails To Show Evidence
Choosing Models By Eye
Handshake Chain Through History
Stop Worrying About A 'Dark Matter Hurricane'
Kids Running Lemonade Stands Understand The U-Shaped Curve Isn't Real, Why Don't Environmentalists?
Friends of the Earth, the kooky offshoot of Sierra Club that hates science even more, is dumping its advertising budget into a claim it commissioned from a Maharishi Institute scholar who runs what is apparently an uncredentialed lab claiming they were able to detect a weedkiller in common food ...
By Hank Campbell
Genesis In Space: Israel Is About To Be The Fourth Country To Have A Moon Mission
A short few months after China became the third country with a moon mission (following the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), Israel will be the fourth.On February 22nd, 2019, give or take weather events, the Beresheet Moon lander, once one of the candidates for the Google ...
By News Staff
Kratom Is A Drug, But Indonesia Really Wants It To Remain An Unlicensed Supplement
A product like Zicam, which claims it can make colds shorter, shields itself from truth in advertising claims by admitting on the label its product is not actual medicine, it is homeopathy, a pretend drug for people who want to believe.If they were required to show it works, the way pharmaceutical ...
By Hank Campbell
Beer Before Wine And You Won't Feel Fine
Plenty of us have been there: waking up after a night out with a thumping headache, feeling sick and swearing never to touch alcohol again. If only there were a way to prevent these terrible hangovers.It isn’t uncommon for us to mix our drinks, maybe a beer in the pub before moving on to wine ...
By The Conversation
More Like Modules: T. Rex Had A Flexible Skull
Senckenberg scientist Ingmar Werneburg, together with an international team, re-examined the An examination of the skull structure of Tyrannosaurus rex using “anatomical network analysis” found that the carnivorous dinosaur had an extremely flexible skull structure. Tyrannosaurus rex – the ...
By News Staff
In Chernobyl, It's No Bleak Metro 2033 Scenario - Wildlife Is Abundant
Wildlife is abundant in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, found a month-long camera study which found 10 mammal and five bird species scavenging fish carcasses placed on the shoreline of rivers and canals there. Among the species were white-tailed eagles, American mink and river otter.A previous study ...
By News Staff
Forcing Other Countries To Ban Shark Finning: A Bipartisan Conservation Bill Back In Congress
During the George W. Bush administration, American furniture makers had a crippling disadvantage. While American timber was tightly regulated, foreign supplies had no limitations on where their wood originated from, and could engage in destructive practices and undercut U.S. companies.President ...
By Hank Campbell
America Leads The World In Controlling Energy Consumption And Emissions - We Should Be Exporting That, Not Solar Dogma
As the world's most powerful economy, we read a lot about how America needs to do more to use cleaner energy, and less of it. The data show we already do. Energy is a basic need, like food, and in energy and food America has been a trailblazer in reducing environmental strain. We had a blip ...
By Hank Campbell
Raw Milk Linked To Possible Bacterial Infections In 19 States
Raw milk sold by Miller’s Biodiversity Farm in Quarryville, Pennsylvania and laced with Brucella strain RB51 has been linked to exposures in 19 states by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Raw milk, a recent trend by organic food lovers, lacks pasteurization, a process ...
By News Staff
The Genetics Of Having Perfect Pitch
Perfect pitch may be more strongly under genetic control than previously thought, according to a new study.Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven were able to precisely identify musical notes and there is certainly a genetic component to music like there is math or sprinting - while anyone can be functional ...
By News Staff
Oxytocin And Vasopressin - An Experiment Tackles The Chemistry Of Love And Altruism
Love is a complex topic. You love your dog differently than you love chocolate. There are times when you might put your dog, or a loved one, ahead of yourself, but you would never jump in front of a moving car to save chocolate.The altruism of love has been a philosophical topic for centuries and ...
By Hank Campbell
Did Sucking Bone Marrow Give Humans Our Big Brains?
Long before human ancestors began hunting large mammals for meat, a fatty diet provided them with the nutrition to develop bigger brains, according to a paper in Current Anthropology.The paper argues that our early ancestors acquired a taste for fat by eating marrow scavenged from the skeletal ...
By News Staff
The Good News And Bad News Of Cannabis-Infused Drinks
Former Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis, who trained by running with tractor tires strapped to his waist and all that, has an easy marketing hook for his new cannabis 'athletic recovery' drink; if I am wrong, then why do I have two Super Bowl rings and a spot in the NFL Hall of Fame?(1)  ...
By Hank Campbell
Lawyers Don't Always Win Against Doctors And Hospitals - Like In Facial Trauma Lawsuits
Mention to doctors who run their own practice or a hospital administrator that malpractice and American tort culture are probably the biggest reason for high health care costs, they will likely correct you and say that it is instead defensive medicine - running tests and engaging in efforts a doctor ...
By News Staff
Mammography, Treatment Improvements Have Prevented 483,000 Breast Cancer Deaths In The U.S. Since Just 1989
A new analysis finds that mammography and improvements in breast cancer treatment have led to a terrific number of women's lives saved since 1989.Screening mammography for the detection of breast cancer became widely available in the mid-1980s and there have been numerous advances in effective ...
By News Staff
Celery Juice Joins Acai, Quinoa, And Curry In Being Goop Endorsed "Miracle Foods" That Do Nothing
I got a butter shaper for Christmas. I asked for one because I make lot of butter in a mason jar and then just throw it in tupperware but my friends sometimes want butter and it feels a little dismissive to just hand them tupperware.Imagine my disappointment when I read the instructions which stated ...
By Hank Campbell
This Is Your Brain On Love
Is love a mystery or can it be reduced to chemical processes in the brain? And, what are those chemical processes? And, perhaps most importantly, can you prepare the brain for love? Falling in Love When you are falling in love a kind of chemical bomb goes off in the brain. There’s a ...
By Michael Merzenich
After 25 Years Of Chaos, FDA Signals For Reform When It Comes To Supplement Oversight
United States Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., has been in the private sector and in government, he has been care provider and patient, he has used supplements and watched as a $40 billion supplements industry duped the gullible and often engaged in outright deception ...
By Hank Campbell
Friends Of The Earth Presents Yogic Flying Instructor John Fagan In 'How To Do Science'
Friends of the Earth, social justice warriors, 1960s-era anti-science activists, occasional lobbyists, and current Political Action Committee (PAC) for Democrats (including Green New Deal darling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY) (1) teased us in a media kit with the promise of a science study ...
By Hank Campbell
Media Are Drowning Young People In A Tide Of Perfectionism
We recently conducted one of the largest-ever studies on perfectionism. We learned that perfectionism has increased substantially over the past 25 years and that it affects men and women equally. We also learned that perfectionists become more neurotic and less conscientious as time passes. Perfectionism ...
By The Conversation
Have You Appeared In A Racist Photo Or Harassed Women? Here's How To Say 'I'm Sorry'
“I’m sorry.”These two words may seem simple, but the ability to express them when you’re in the wrong is anything but – particularly for those in the public eye. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, to name a recent example, was forced to apologize after his 1984 medical school yearbook page ...
By The Conversation
Organic Consumers Association Sponsors Anti-Vaccine Meeting With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
In 2011 I wrote a book with Dr. Alex Berezow of RealClearScience in which we noted the common cause among the anti-vaccine, anti-energy, and anti-GMO communities. They shared common beliefs about distrust of science and I made a challenge; I said if I drew a radius around a Whole Foods, I could ...
By Hank Campbell
HPV Vaccine Did Not Lead To Promiscuity In Teenage Girls - Instead, Sexual Activity Declined
When the HPV vaccine was first introduced, there were a number of reasons people listed for being critical. Some were just corporate cynicism - a company that just lost $5 billion in a Vioxx settlement was working its way under the same vaccine halo as polio and smallpox, they said. Others argued ...
By Hank Campbell
YES, US & Russia Suspended INF Treaty - NOT Imminent Nuclear War
This is another of my articles to help people who get terrified by news stories, which often get exaggerated titles even by responsible journalists. In this case many are scared that withdrawal from the INF is going to lead to a nuclear war. So, yes, it's in the news now that US has announced it ...
By Robert Walker
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