Single Top Production Nailed By LHC Experiments
Stop Worrying About A 'Dark Matter Hurricane'
Handshake Chain Through History
Glyphosate And Cancer Link Fails To Show Evidence
How They Photographed A Supermassive Black Hole - A Day Astronomers Will Remember For Centuries
First, this is totally harmless. Tiny and far away, shrouded with dust and gas. They can only see it using radio waves that go through the dust. And the photo of course changes nothing, we've know it is there for a long time away. This is a screenshot from the press conference: And over four ...
By Robert Walker
Triclosan And 27 Other Ingredients No Longer Allowed In Hand Sanitizers
Consumer hand sanitizers are popular, and they became more popular when brands started advertising they used the same chemicals hospitals use. FDA allowed it starting in 1994 (1994 Health Care Antiseptic TFM (June 17, 1994, 59 FR 31402)), the same year they gave supplements exemption from real ...
By News Staff
Ship Coating That Has An Air Layer Under Water Increases Efficiency
If you've swum in the ocean you know it requires a lot of energy, and for ships it is no different. Adding to that are the problems of friction, corrosion, and biofilms, all of which cause marine traveler to drag.Science is on the case. New types of ship coatings that permanently retain an air ...
By News Staff
The Plot Of The Week - Multiple Pentaquark Candidates
It is a bit embarrassing to post here a graph of boring elementary particle signals, when the rest of the blogosphere is buzzing after the release of the first real black hole image from the Event Horizon collaboration. So okay, before going into pentaquarks, below is the image of the black hole ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Farmstand: A Celebrity-Backed Bong The Size Of A Phone Booth That Grows Superfoods For Rich Elites
Zooey Deschanel, whose picture could be in the dictionary under "adorkable" thanks to starring roles in "Elf" and "New Girl", isn't well regarded in science, and hasn't been since for as long as she's been undermining it, which is as long as people have known her name. That's now a long time, since ...
By Hank Campbell
Absurd Blog Post At Arctic News Predicts 10 °C Rise In Global Temperatures By 2026 - QUADRATIC To EXTRAPOLATE!
Am debunking this page because it makes a scary prediction of a 10 °C rise by 2026. It is very very silly. By far the silliest post I’ve seen on climate change, and that’s saying something, I’ve seen some ridiculous posts, but this takes the biscuit. I can’t find out ...
By Robert Walker
Bayer Releases All Glyphosate Safety Studies Used By European Food Safety Authority
Every regulatory body in the world has found that the weedkiller glyphosate is only harmful for plants. And huge studies of over 50,000 farmers have found the same.That hasn't stopped trial lawyers and trade groups that aid them or promote competitors to glyphosate, such as Organic Consumers Association ...
By Hank Campbell
Europeans Keep Telling Peru To Preserve The Rainforest The Way Europe Wants But Nevertheless Peru Persisted
University of Bonn environmentalists and economists say Peru's National Forest Conservation Program needs to do more ro protect the rainforest. Peru, on the other hand, is navigating the shackled man problem(1); that developed countries want the rest of the world to limit progress now that rich ...
By Hank Campbell
Leishmaniosis: Dog To Dog Transmission Without Biting Reported
Canine leishmaniosis is a potentially fatal infection caused by the parasite Leishmania infantum, carried by the female sand fly and transmitted in its bite. It is zoonotic, so can be passed on to people but dogs have been known to pick up the infection after being bitten or wounded by another ...
By News Staff
Papaya Sugarcane May Be On Its Way
The Rainbow Papaya in Hawaii is a great example of how biology solved a devastating problem that nature created and chemicals could not fix. It put GMOs, the successor to mutagenesis, on the map worldwide, and today billions of meals have been served using GMO science.Now a papaya (Carica papaya) ...
By News Staff
Darwin's Raw Dog Food Ironically Uses No Biological Science And Will Poison Your Pet
Everyone in 2019 likes to claim their beliefs are grounded in evidence.  The most anti-science groups, from the journalism department at New York University to Greenpeace, still claim to have evidence-based decision-making behind their political or financial agendas. It's no different in the ...
By Hank Campbell
The Mysterious Genetic Origin Of Scandinavian Wolves
The Scandinavian wolf population is a bit of an evolutionary mystery. In the hoped for descent with modification scenario, textbook natural selection, there would be signs that hybrids of dog and wolf have contributed to this population, but none have been found. Wolf-dog hybrids – ...
By News Staff
Taste Is Complex And It Changes As We Age
Taste is a complex phenomenon. We do not experience the sensation through a single sense (as we would when we see something using our sense of sight, for example) but rather it is made up of the five senses working together to allow us to appreciate and enjoy food and drink. Initial visual inspection ...
By The Conversation
Supplements Can't Prevent Cancer But They Are Linked To It
Supplements are a huge industry that ballooned after President Bill Clinton turned the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 into law and took control of the controversial industry away from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in return for a weak disclaimer that the FDA had not ...
By News Staff
FDA Approves Dovato (dolutegravir And Lamivudine) For HIV-1
Approximately a million people in the U.S. are living with HIV and up to 15 percent may not even know they are infected. In Februrary, the U.S. Department of Health and Humans Services announced a new initiative, Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America, to reduce new infections by 75 percent ...
By News Staff
Vitamin C May Protect Cells From Hexavalent Chromium? No, But You're Safe From It Anyway
In the movie "Erin Brockovich", actress Julia Roberts portrayed a clerk who got energy company PG&E worried enough about a jury being scared of science they wrote her boss a giant check. Because Hollywood is in California, the state government was motivated to declare the compound harmful and put ...
By Hank Campbell
When It Comes To Marijuana, Women Are More Conservative Than Men
Surveys show that on issue after issue, women are more liberal than men, save for one: Men are more likely than women to support the legalization of marijuana. Americans are becoming more supportive of marijuana legalization each year but the gender gap remains a constant: While 68 percent of men ...
By The Conversation
People Choose Partners With Similar Disease Risk
People choose a life partner who is likely to have a comparable life expectancy and who share similar risks of illnesses - such as high blood pressure or heart disease - according to a genetic study.Some of this seems to have an obvious explanation. If you are fat or smoke, you are more likely ...
By News Staff
Autism Spectrum Diagnoses Rise 26 Percent In 4 Years, Finds CDC
Using records pediatric health clinics, specialized programs for children with developmental disabilities, and special education records along with a review of the abstracted evaluations by trained clinicians using a standardized case definition and method (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of ...
By News Staff
Gun Shootings Lead To More Gun Purchases
For a recent paper, researchers examined monthly data on U.S. background checks for gun purchases and permits from November 1998 through April 2016, looking for purchasing trends after shootings during that time. When media coverage highlighted shootings, they found there were increases in ...
By News Staff
Julian Assange Is Not A Journalist, So Journalists Should Not Make Him A Fourth Estate Martyr
These days, anybody with an internet connection can be a publisher.That doesn’t make everybody a journalist.This distinction has become more important than ever in light of two recent events.One was the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The other was a proposal by lawmakers from Georgia ...
By The Conversation
Social Media Made The Modern Anti-Vax Movement Popular, But The Tide Is Turning
As measles outbreaks spread across the U.S., our new look at how information about vaccine safety and reliability spreads online suggests that the tide may be turning against the anti-vaccination movement. Between Jan. 1 and March 28, 387 people contracted measles in 15 U.S. states. Mumps is also ...
By The Conversation
Now It's Time To Target Essay Mills, Companies Which Write Student Assignments For A Fee
The U.S. college admissions scandal, where wealthy elites paid to circumvent an arbitrary entrance scoring system at some privileged schools by gaming it, has already led to lawsuits because the value of a degree from USC, Stanford, Yale and others involved has been devalued, students and their ...
By News Staff
Farmers Flee From Organic Consumers Association, Who Then Slash Funding To Their US Right To Know Subsidiary
The Laura and John Arnold Foundation was created by a hedge fund magnate to devote some of their Wall Street wealth to education reform, public pension reform, criminal justice reform, dietary policy, and improving reproducibility in science. Those are all positive things, so why last year ...
By Hank Campbell
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