Formaldehyde: The Carcinogen That Wasn’t
The Virus That Turns Physicists Into Crackpots
What It Means To Be Anti-Science
Getting To The Heart Of The Coronavirus Pandemic
Discovered: WD 1586 B, A Planet That Survived The Death Of Its Star
(Inside Science) -- For the first time, an intact world may have been discovered around a white dwarf, suggesting that even after typical stars die, they may still host planets, a new study finds.White dwarfs are the cooling Earth-size cores of dead stars left behind after average-size stars have ...
By Inside Science
Tennessee Whiskey: The Science Of The Lincoln County Process
You can't market a "Tennessee whiskey" unless it goes through charcoal filtration called the Lincoln County Process, named such after the locale of the original Jack Daniel's distillery. Charcoal is not exclusive to American blended whiskey, this type of filtration is a common step ...
By News Staff
Collision Course: The Andromeda Galaxy Halo Is Already Running Into Our Own
The Andromeda galaxy, our nearest large galactic neighbor, has been found to have a nearly invisible halo of diffuse plasma that extends about halfway to our Milky Way.That's 1.3 million light-years, and it may go 2 million light-years in some parts, which means Andromeda's halo is already touching ...
By News Staff
No Realistic Possibility Of False Vacuum Collapse (Higgs Vacuum Decay) For Billions Of Years - Not A Concern
The false vacuum collapse is about a remote possibility, not just billions of years in the future, so far in the future that all the stars in the night sky have run out of fuel, long before. There is no realistic possibility at present, or for billions of years, and it is of no concern. ...
By Robert Walker
Climate Change: Engineering Models Hope For Best Outcomes - And Any Chess Player Knows That's Terrible Strategy
Did you read a paper saying we can prevent ocean damage under climate change scenarios by dumping iron into water to spur phytoplankton growth? Germans did, and were so convinced they began doing illegal live experiments. The model used a best-case scenario, which any entry-level chess player ...
By Hank Campbell
Our Food Supply Was Built On Engineering Plants: The War On Science Risks That Food Security
The majority of today's plant-based food was created using scientific optimization of traits - genetic engineering. Watermelons, bananas, tomatoes, lettuce, and corn are all great examples of genetically engineered foods that few realize are not natural even if they carry an "organic" manufacturing ...
By News Staff
Consumers Don't Realize It But The Pandemic Has Clobbered Farmers
Tennessee corn, soybean, cotton and wheat producers are estimated to have declines in income of $58.8 million, $21.4 million, $20.3 million and $1.2 million, respectively, for a total decline of $101.7 million - and that's just what is known right now.Consumers have been able to endure this COVID ...
By News Staff
With No Bee Deaths Happening, Activists Now Say Birds Are Dying From Neonicotinoids
Though periodic deaths of bees continue to happen, and have been documented for as long as records of bees have been kept, over 1,000 years, efforts to blame the most recent statistical blip on a newer class of pesticides designed to reduce pesticide usage, neonicotinoids, have fallen flat. Parasites ...
By Hank Campbell
Children Use Both Brain Hemispheres To Understand Language, But Adults Don't
Children learn languages much easier than adults, and also seem to recover from neural injuries better. The reason may be that adults process most discrete neural tasks in specific areas in one or the other of their brain's two hemispheres, while kids use both the right and left hemispheres to ...
By News Staff
New Species In The Same Group As Lobsters Found Living In The Hottest Place On Earth
When you think of shrimp, lobster, or crabs, you don't think of the hottest place on Earth, but a new freshwater Crustacea has been discovered during an expedition of the desert Lut, which is the record-holder for temperature on land. The Lut desert, Dasht-e Lut in Farsi, is the second largest ...
By News Staff
COVID-19: Myths And Reality About Weather And Seasonality
You've probably gotten a summer cold, perhaps even the flu, even though the weather is warm.SARS-CoV-2, the 2019 form of coronavirus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, is in the same family as the common cold, so it is correct that heat will kill it, but just like colds and flu, weather is not ...
By News Staff
How Effective Will A COVID-19 Vaccine Need To Be To Stop The Pandemic? There's Bad News
Researchers are on the hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine to eliminate the need for mask wearing and current limits on interpersonal gatherings (except protests), but a new model says it still may not help the world exit a lingering economic depression.The computer estimate claims that that a COVID-19 ...
By Hank Campbell
Rapamycin May Prevent Sarcopenia And Keep Muscles Stronger For Longer
We're living longer than ever, but that means we now have to think about new issues that were uncommon when life expectancy was low. Muscles shrink and their strength dwindles as we age. When that is excessive, the condition is called sarcopenia, and it affects every third person over the ...
By News Staff
Melittin: Honeybee Venom Compound Kills Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells
The compound melittin, found in honeybee venom, rapidly destroyed triple-negative breast cancer and HER2-enriched breast cancer cells in a recent study. In the 1950s, bee venom was found to reduce the growth of tumors in plants and in the last two decades interest grew into the effects of honeybee ...
By News Staff
Bill Gates Will NOT And CANNOT Inject Us With A Microchip In A Vaccine - Fails Basic Fact Check
Bill Gates doesn't make vaccines. There are now 176 vaccines from many different countries, thirty four of those already in clinical trials and eight in phase 3. Some may be approved soon, and none are made by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation does ...
By Robert Walker
Are Preschoolers Racist? Only If Learned, But They Notice Skin Color Differences Even Earlier
With racial tension erupting again, parents may be wondering the appropriate age to discuss what kids see in news accounts or in protests at sporting events. Psychologists believe that some infants are aware of race and children are capable of thinking about all sorts of complex topics at ...
By News Staff
Independent Frontier Mentality Still Exists In Modern Mountain Regions - And With It Less Neuroticism
If you are a tourist and visit California in the United States or Bavaria in Germany, you will quickly notice it is not like a lot of other places in those countries. A cultural mentality exists and people who identify with the stereotype are more likely to stay or even move there.A new paper finds ...
By News Staff
A Science Communication Proposal For Pandemic Times
As every other aspect of human life, science communication has suffered a significant setback due to the ongoing Covid-19-induced pandemic. While regular meetings of scientific teams can be effectively held online, through zoom or skype, it is the big conferences that are suffering the biggest ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Your Boss May Be A Jerk, But That's Not Why They Got Ahead
Two studies of people who had completed personality assessments as undergraduates or MBA students at three universities, and were surveyed again over a decade later and ranked by co-workers about their workplace behavior, found that those with selfish, deceitful, and aggressive personality traits ...
By News Staff
Though Only 20% Of Americans Hold Negative Views About Vaccination, The Political Skew Impacts Policy
What do anti-vaccine believers have in common? A similar distrust in other settled science like GMOs and nuclear power, for one. And they all are more likely to share similar voting patterns, which means that even though only 20 percent of Americans hold negative views of vaccines, they have an ...
By Hank Campbell
No Matter Who Wins The U.S. Election, COVID-19 Social Unrest Could Be Rampant
Are Proud Boys and Antifa fighting each other 'to oppose fascism' a product of the COVID-19 pandemic? No, militant groups have always attracted people with pathologies who just need a reason to be violent, but pandemics do cause social unrest, at least historically.There is a lot more isolation ...
By Hank Campbell
Fitness Overtraining And How To Avoid It
There’s a thin line between working hard enough and working too hard. Pushing your body to reach new levels of fitness requires commitment, effort and a willingness to put yourself through intense, challenging workouts on a regular basis. But more isn’t always better. Without the right balance ...
By The Conversation
'Plug And Play' Brain Prosthesis Debuts In Paralyzed Person
A brain-controlled prosthetic limb have shown that machine learning techniques helped an individual with paralysis learn to control motion using their brain activity without requiring extensive daily retraining. It is proof-of-concept for how future models can overcome limitations of prior ...
By News Staff
COVID-19 Pandemic And Declines In Coffee Consumption Have Left Millions Struggling To Make A Living
The reopening of cafes has been one of the highlights of relaxed COVID-19 restrictions for many Australians. During lockdowns, long queues for takeaway coffee were testimony to caffeine’s relevance to our lives. Yet the precarious employment of so many hospitality workers meant hundreds of thousands ...
By The Conversation
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