Stop Worrying About A 'Dark Matter Hurricane'
Handshake Chain Through History
Happy Birthday To The Neutron
Single Top Production Nailed By LHC Experiments
Read Arkani-Hamed's Interview: Learn From The Clear Thinkers
Nima Arkani-Hamed needs no introduction - he's a superstar theoretical physicist, and whenever he speaks, his colleagues listen - so much so that his seminars regularly overrun twice past their scheduled duration, without anybody blinking. And today it's your lucky day (and mine), as you get ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
CERN Deliberates Against Strumia
Today's news is that five months after Alessandro Strumia's controversial talk at a conference on "Theory and Gender", CERN decided to terminate the Italian theorist's status of "guest professor", effectively cutting its ties with him. The decision certainly affects the ability of Strumia to further ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Croatia Has Become An Associate Member Of CERN
Croatian scientists have been engaged in scientific work at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) for close to 40 years. Croatian scientists worked on the SPS heavy-ion programme and in 1994, research groups from Split officially joined the CMS collaboration. One year later a research ...
By News Staff
1.26 Kilometer Diameter Asteriod 2010 GD37 Is NOT Expected To Hit In December 2019 - Warning Level 0, NASA Did Not Issue Warning
Short summary - NASA did not warn about this - it’s only at warning level 0 and has to be 5 or above to be of public concern. The best fit projected orbit takes it to somewhere out beyond Mars's orbit in December, and what's more, at the opposite side of the sun from Earth on that date ...
By Robert Walker
New Claim Is That Weedkiller Glyphosate Causes Higher Phosphorus Levels Too
With a strange verdict by a jury in San Francisco, it became open season on glyphosate, a common weedkiller in use for generations. One new claim is that it leads to higher phosphorous levels.Yet glyphosate only contains trace nutrients, nothing like what fertilizer has. Overuse of phosphorus ...
By News Staff
Forests Are The Green Lung Of The Earth - And The Younger The Better
Though the common refrain is that old growth rainforests are the only way to stave off global warming and must be preserved at all costs, a new analysis makes the case for logging and takes some hot air out of the environmental balloon. It found that the world’s largest carbon sinks are ...
By News Staff
Siberian Permafrost Carbon Release Significant But Exaggerated In News - Fifth Of Degree By 2299 At Most, Can Be Carbon Negative
Short summary. The journalist stories often don't even mention that studies are not agreed on whether it is carbon positive or even perhaps carbon negative. The amount in the worst case is around an extra quarter of a degree rise by 2100, a slow burner through to the next three or four centuries ...
By Robert Walker
UN Biodiversity Report Far From Bleak - Encouraging Survey Of Measures To Preserve, Mapping Ways Forward To Meet Challenges
This UN Report is not saying we are going to be unable to feed everyone. But we need to be careful to maintain the biodiversity of the wild relatives of our crops and also of our ecosystems to be most resilient. We don’t risk mass famine, they say that specifically in the interview with ...
By Robert Walker
Megachile Pluto: Wallace's Giant Bee Was Never Extinct, It Was Just Hard To Find
Megachile pluto, Wallace's giant bee, is the world's largest, with a wingspan more than 2.5 inches. Though it should be easy enough to see, some had believed it was extinct because it hadn't been seen by western scientists since 1981. In January, a search team set out to photograph Wallace's giant ...
By News Staff
Amiskwia Sagittiformis: Weird Chimera Worm May Finally Get Its Place In The Tree Of Life
Ribbon worm? Arrow worm? Since the discovery of its fossil over a century ago, paleontologists have speculated about what branch of evolution Amiskwia sagittiformis was on.Charles Doolittle Walcott, who first described it, compared it to the a group of ocean-dwelling worms that are fierce predators ...
By News Staff
Sweet Viceroy Butterflies Turn Sour To Stop Predators
Limenitus archippus, the viceroy butterfly is a mimic, modeling its orange-and-black colors after the queen butterfly, a bug that tastes so disgusting predators have learned not to eat it or anything that looks like it, including viceroys. The apparent dependence of mimics on their models made ...
By News Staff
Zebra Stripes And Flies: Occam's Razor Versus Stripes Make Terrible Landing Strips?
It is believed by some that zebras have black and white stripes as a defense mechanism against flies. To others, that seems too complex. In an Occam's Razor evolutionary universe it only leads to more speculation - why would they evolve such a sophisticated defense mechanism when it doesn't help ...
By News Staff
Kahweol Acetate, Cafestol In Coffee May Inhibit Prostate Cancer
A pilot study using drug-resistant cancer cells in cell cultures and in mice has found that the compounds kahweol acetate and cafestol in coffee may inhibit the growth of prostate cancer. The results were presented at the European Association of Urology congress in Barcelona and published ...
By News Staff
Pancreatic Cancer And Why Alex Trebek Is Right To Be Optimistic
Legendary "Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek recently announced that at age 78 he has been diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. Then he stated he was confident he was going to beat the odds. Was he just engaging in positive thinking publicly while getting things in order privately? Nearly 80, with ...
By Hank Campbell
Kratom Rising: Calls To US Poison Control Centers Increase
The natural opioid kratom, the leaves of a tropical tree in Southeast Asia (Mitragyna speciosa) is a great analgesic because it's an opioid.  It has become popular because supplements are exempt from government oversight unless companies are causing people to fall over, which has happened ...
By News Staff
Ashitaba Won't Help You Live Longer, It Won't Even Help You Become A Samurai
The race is on to be the food craze of 2019 and the leading contenders so far are biltong - beef jerky from South Africa - and angelica keiskei koidzumi (ashitaba) from Japan. If a plant can have a leaf cut off and have it grow back the next day, why not assume eating it will help humans? Because ...
By Hank Campbell
Today 33 Million Americans Will Claim To Be Irish, But On St. Patrick's Day In 1776 Few Irish Wanted To Be American
Many people don't realize July 4th, 1776 was not the day the war between America and Britain started, it's simply the day we traitorous colonists finally had enough of our own country's army attacking us, taking over our homes, stealing our food, locking up our guns, and throwing us in jail for ...
By Hank Campbell
Socialist Libertarianism: How To Get 7 Beliefs Common To All Cultures Worldwide
A paper in Current Anthropology uses writing to distill what the authors believe are seven rules of morals common worldwide. It's certainly a catchy idea for people who sit at the bar asking why Arabs and Israelis in the Middle East can't get along but there is a big problem putting them into ...
By Hank Campbell
Humanities Scholars Say If You Look Like A Stereotypical Scientist, You're More Likely To Become One
A new paper says that how much you look racially stereotypical, like other members of your racial group, influences how likely you are to get a degree in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) fields.What does looking "racially stereotypical" mean? Well, that was decided by the scholars ...
By News Staff
Four Frequently Used Welsh English Words Link Wales To The Rest Of The World
It will likely come as no surprise that the large majority of – if not all – people in Wales can speak English. While Welsh is one of the oldest living languages in Europe, English, along with Flemish, first rooted itself in small enclaves in southwest Wales as far back as the 12th century ...
By The Conversation
Now It's Time To Target Essay Mills, Companies Which Write Student Assignments For A Fee
The U.S. college admissions scandal, where wealthy elites paid to circumvent an arbitrary entrance scoring system at some privileged schools by gaming it, has already led to lawsuits because the value of a degree from USC, Stanford, Yale and others involved has been devalued, students and their ...
By News Staff
Farmers Flee From Organic Consumers Association, Who Then Slash Funding To Their US Right To Know Subsidiary
The Laura and John Arnold Foundation was created by a hedge fund magnate to devote some of their Wall Street wealth to education reform, public pension reform, criminal justice reform, dietary policy, and improving reproducibility in science. Those are all positive things, so why last year ...
By Hank Campbell
Are North Korea Rebuilding Missile Test Site To Prepare For A Dramatic Media Event Blowing Them Up?
First this site has never been used for missile launching. It has only been used for satellites as part of North Korea’s ambitious civilian space program. They want to become one of the few countries able to launch satellites to geostationary orbit. Although it could be used for a missile ...
By Robert Walker
The Next Generation Of Parents May Think It's Normal To Let Kids Play Outside Again
Two generations ago, it was normal for kids to play out on the street. But trust in media was high then and sensationalized accounts of kidnappings and white vans and accidents led to helicopter parents worried that their children would be kidnapped.(1) Today, unless there is an organized play ...
By Hank Campbell
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