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Vaping Over Cigarettes: A Public Health Win
Choosing Models By Eye
Gender Ideology In Science
One More Thing About The Myth Of The Desert
In the previous post I discussed, among other things, a purely empirical observation on the mass spectrum of elementary particles, which I summarized in a graph where on the vertical scale I put the year of discovery, and where I only cared to plot particles with a mass above a keV - in fact, we ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Scientists Left Behind
As the well-informed readers will realize, I am hat-tipping Hank Campbell and the catchy title of his best-selling book "Science Left Behind" with the title of this post, for lack of more imagination. What I want to discuss is, however, something only partly in line with the interesting topics ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Hexenyl Butyrate: Volatile Compound Found In Tomato Plants Protects Against Bacteria
Tomato plants emit a volatile compound named hexenyl butyrate  which can be used for closing the stomata, key in protecting plants from bacterial attacks.But Center for Science in the Public Interest and Environmental Working Group don't need to mobilize the trial lawyers, this volatile ...
By News Staff
Update On 2002 NT7 - Flew Past At A Great Distance, 16.50 UTC Today 13th January - That's Further Away Than Mars At Its Closest
2002 NT7 is closest at 16.50 today, UTC time. It will be 61 million kilometers away and they know the distance exactly to within 127 kilometers, and the time of the flyby accurate to the nearest minute. It is no risk to Earth. It is already well above our orbit though, it crossed the orbit of ...
By Robert Walker
Space Weather Has A Bigger Impact Than Many Realize, Better Forecasting Will Help
Space weather and its changes to earth's magnetic fields has an outsized impact in Arctic regions through effects on electricity networks, mining operations and shipping. A new technique called Fractional Derivative Rate (FDR) published in Space Weather has been used for analyzing fluctuations ...
By News Staff
Green Liver: Houseplant Genetically Modified To Filter Even Toxic Levels Of Home Air
House plants can help clean a home's air, but unless you live in a greenhouse a mechanical high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) air filter is the way to go, because it forces pet dander, pollen (even cigarette smoke if you still do that) or pollen through a mesh that traps those. Plants may ...
By Hank Campbell
Akkadia: How Climate Change Doomed The World’s First Empire
Gol-e-Zard Cave lies in the shadow of Mount Damavand, which at more than 5,000 metres dominates the landscape of northern Iran. In this cave, stalagmites and stalactites are growing slowly over millennia and preserve in them clues about past climate events. Changes in stalagmite chemistry from ...
By The Conversation
By Fixing Nature's Gap In Photosynthesis, Crops Could Get An Additional 40% Boost
The United States, and other countries with modern science and technology regulations, have enjoyed terrific boosts in yields, so great that food has become a cheap commodity, which has allowed for alternative processes (organic, shade tree, natural, etc.) to flourish by charging a premium.Science ...
By News Staff
Using Artificial Intelligence On The Genome Uncovers New Missing Link In Evolution
A recent study using deep learning algorithms and statistical methods discovered the footprint of a new hominid who cross bred with the ancestors of Asiatic individuals tens of thousands of years ago.Modern human DNA computational analysis suggests that the extinct species was a hybrid of ...
By News Staff
Malaria Mosquito Anopheles Stephensi Found In Ethiopia For The First Time
Anopheles stephensi, a malaria disease vector, is normally found in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and China. But now it has been found in Ethiopia, where over 68 percent of the population is already at risk for malaria and an average of 2.5 million cases are reported annually. The highest ...
By News Staff
Your Brain Can Still Pay Attention During Sleep - And Science Can Now Hear What Your Sleeping Brain Hears
Our brains can track the sounds in its environment while we sleep, and favor the most relevant ones, according to a recent study.No great new information there. Everyone has woken up from sleep because of noise. But the mechanism that allows us (and some better than others) to sleep in complete ...
By News Staff
Environmental Antibiotic Resistance Linked To Feces - Evolution Or Sewage Plants?
Fecal pollution can explain a lot of the increase in resistant bacteria where humans live, but not all of it. In some cases resistance genes were common without the presence of “crAssphage”, a bacteriophage common in human feces  - environments polluted with high levels of antibiotics ...
By News Staff
Cancer Deaths Continue To Fall But A Crisis May Still Be On The Horizon
Death rates from cancer have been falling for 25 years, but the next generation may cause a tick back up.Cancer is the second leading cause of death, behind heart disease. Both have age as risk factors but also behavioral components. For cancer, smoking has been the second greatest risk factor ...
By News Staff
Conventional, Organic, When It Comes To Pesticides The American Food Supply Is Safe Again This Year
Despite another year of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hyperventilating weeks after a foodborne illness occurs (devastating lettuce farmers while showing how they little they know when exaggerating what they do know), the more evidence-based bodies at the U.S. Food and Drug ...
By Hank Campbell
Could A Vaccine Help Stop The Fentanyl Crisis?
A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analysis of five years of death certificates (2011-2016) found that among drug overdose deaths 29 percent were due to fentanyl by 2016, a huge leap from 4 percent in 2011, when oxycodone was most dangerous at 13 percent.Heroin was second (25.1%), cocaine ...
By Hank Campbell
Uterus Transplant From A Deceased Donor Leads To First Baby
Infertility affects about 10 percent of couples and among them are one in 500 women with congenital defects in their uterus or a medical issue that caused damage. In the past, that meant adoption but recently uterus transplants became possible. In 2013, Sweden performed the first and since then ...
By News Staff
Fear Memory - An Epigenetic Difference Between Genders
Is there sex-specific epigenetic regulation of fear memory?A new study says yes, for mice anyway, and if it later is found to be similar in humans it could explain why fear and stress-related disorders affect men and women differently. Fear and memory produce changes to genes that modulate gene ...
By News Staff
"All Five Major Health Certifications": Drake’s Organic Spirits Wants You To Think Its Booze Is Better For You
Drake’s Organic Spirits is touting it is the "first and only spirits line in the world to receive all five major health certifications." By "health", for four of them they simply mean manufacturing or cultural preferences; kosher, vegan, Non-GMO Project, and USDA Organic. (1) For the health-related ...
By Hank Campbell
4 Lessons The AIDS Epidemic Taught Us About How To Deal With The Opioid Addiction Crisis
Medicine is not going to be enough. That was the first lesson that the world learned when Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) raged across cultures in the 1980s. Though its cause was learned to be Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) its transmission was social. In some undeveloped countries ...
By News Staff
Greenpeace: Spewing Environmental Toxins, Too Cheap To Clean Up Their Mess, And More Tales Of Hypocrisy
Which corporation lets executives commute to work on emissions-belching airplanes, damages native landmarks while putting up advertising, speculates on international bank trade while saddling consumers with their losses, and writes policies for its customers that it then defies in its own ...
By Hank Campbell
What Is A ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’? Just Our Shadow On Distant Moon - No, World Won't End - False Prophet Paul Begley At It Again
Another post to help people scared of perfectly normal harmless events because of the sensationalist press and false prophets. This is just the moon passing through Earth’s shadow as it does usually once or twice a year. It’s done it for billions of years. Usually it passes above ...
By Robert Walker
'No Pain, No Gain' Culture In Sports: Time To Stop Glorifying Sacrifice?
Two things struck me while watching Andy Murray’s press conference from the Australian Open, in which he announced his intention to retire. He spoke about the pain he had lived with “over the past 20 months or so”, and how he had planned to continue until Wimbledon this summer but was no ...
By The Conversation
A Baltic Lesson For The US In How To Counter Russian Disinformation Tactics
As the new Congress begins, it will soon discuss the comprehensive reports to the U.S. Senate on the disinformation campaign of half-truths, outright fabrications and misleading posts made by agents of the Russian government on social media in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.After ...
By The Conversation
Open Access Promotes Scientific Discovery - Efforts Like Canada's Aggressive New Copyright Dates Hold It Back
As European science-related institutions, such as the European Research Council, have shown their growing preference for Open Access, e.g., via the Plan S, the primary rationale for this is the positive effect on the discovery of new knowledge that various models of Open Access can be expected ...
By News Staff
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