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Public participation will have to be at the heart of big data projects in health care and biomedical research and a new report calls for greater transparency about how people's data are used.The report warns that if people's preferences and values are not taken into account and are instead picked by government elites>
A young boy sits on the carpet, his feet disappearing into a giant pair of sweatpants he put on over his own clothes before loosely tying his ankles together. He has taken the sweatpants off and is now trying to put them back on inside out without removing the ankle cuffs. Yes, it can be done.Holly Bernstein, who>
On Sunday evening, John Oliver of HBO's "Last Week Tonight" took a break from talking about Paul Manafort's clothing to talk about public trust in science. Well, sort of. Really, he claimed he wanted to expose "astroturf" groups - fake organizations that look like real "grassroots" ones. You can imagine how I>
Does home field advantage matter? In baseball outfielders, the tricks and corners of a new baseball park might be meaningful but that effect should diminish over time. The Seattle Seahawks have a famously loud stadium and the team calls the audience "the twelfth man" but they didn't need it to rout the Denver Broncos>
How much actual on-task work do you do on a typically work day? The myth is everyone produces 8 hours of useful, targetted work in an 8.5 hour work day (with unpaid lunch). Staying in the office extra hours, likewise, produces more useful work. I suggest you should measure this for yourself. Here's how to find out>
You wouldn’t know it by current world events, but humans actually evolved to be peaceful, cooperative and social animals.- ‘Man the Hunter’ theory is debunked in new book, February 18, 2006, By Neil SchoenherrSo begins a discussion regarding humans as a prey species rather than predators.  It isn't>