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New research in carbon nanotechnology could give those in the line of fire materials which can bounce bullets without a trace of damage. Add in some moral certainty, a Commodore Amiga for the special effects and pithy one liners and we could have Robocop. A research paper published in the Institute of Physics’>
In team sports it is often difficult to determine the value of an individual.   Some sports can do it easily enough, like baseball(1) or basketball, but during the World Cup, casual fans who hear commentators talk about the quality 'form' of a player are lost when the game is 0-0.Jordi Duch, Joshua S. Waitzman and>
A teenager held her phone steady enough to capture the final moments of George Perry Floyd’s life as he apparently suffocated under the weight of a Minneapolis police officer’s knee on his neck. The video went viral.What happened next has played out time and again in American cities after high-profile cases of>
Do women and men ride differently? If so, would a horse know in a blind human rider test?For centuries, horses were a tool of wealthy elites during war and so riding was largely restricted to males. By contrast, today nearly 80 percent of riders are women. Modern-day equestrian sports is one of very few fields where>
I am writing a book on mitochondria and after a few months of research you begin to see a common thread - serendipity.  Sometimes big things happen because of what seems to be luck, a group of people all happen to be in one place at one time, they are all spurred on by each other and then dramatic things occur>
"What is a supermodel?" People sometimes ask me. It has a few definitions and sometimes people argue over them, much the way Heidi Klum and Elle MacPherson fight over who is called "The Body." *But if you're reading this column, your definition of a 'supermodel' is an aspect of complexity science that incorporates>