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I got an email from an analytics group pitching an article about Valentine's Day movie results. It promised:"If you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day by watching a romantic film you’ll probably end up watching Isn’t It Romantic, according to the latest" blah blah blah (which) "analyzed Google Trends>
Equations relating speed and mass go back to Newton and beyond.But what about relating speed and MESS? Simply, how fast should you expect a clean kids' room to get messy?>
A new paper says scientists can make their work more appealing to the public by making it more personal. I learned of it through a paid university PIO but few scientists will see the irony in that.I certainly agree with the point. I have been part of two communities, science and the military, that in defiance of public>
If you want to be sure you, or your child, is optimizing the chances for safety while playing hockey, one helmet stands alone.The Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics at Virginia Tech bought 32 helmets and tested each helmet in four directions at three energy levels twice -- a total 48 tests per>
Russians, Americans and Chi-Coms all squared off against each other. Organized deception, intrigue, insults, reclusive personalities ... another day in international politics? Not this time. It's mathematicians. You think physicists are strange?   Try to figure out mathematicians some time.*It starts with a bit of>