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There is a common misconception when assessing computers in suggesting that parallel processing increases speed.  This simply isn't true.   Parallel processing is intended to increase throughput by addressing queuing delays that may be experienced by "ready" units of work that are waiting for access>
A false history of science was used to initiate colonial education, in support of colonialism. This false history persists. In a recent article about decolonizing mathematics, for instance, Professor Karen Brodie asserts that, “Much, though certainly not all, of mathematics was created by dead white men.”This>
Many people including Stephen Hawkings and Elon Musk are worried about the possibility of an artificial program that might become intelligent and take over the world. The idea is that at some point in the future we may be able to develop artificial intelligences through programming that are equal in intelligence to>
Does money buy championships? That is the prevailing theory. While it is common for a team like Chelsea, which got purchased buy a Russian billionaire who kept buying new teams until they won, to achieve success, a Swansea is less likely.Assuming scouts and personnel managers really know what they are doing, economics>
According to a new study published in Political Research Quarterly, genetics play a pivotal role in shaping how we identify with political parties.   the researchers examined the sources of party identification and the intensity of that identification using quantitative genetic models. Together with recent>
It's not right for cobia not to be carnivorous but researchers in Baltimore have scientifically modified these fish so that they no longer occupy their usual place in nature's circle of life: they are now unnatural vegetarians.During four years of experimentation, these "scientists" created a synthetic mixture using>