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Our present moment is characterized by a growing obsession with the long term. The study of climate change, for example, relies on increasingly long-range simulations. Science’s predictions are no longer merely hypotheses for validation or invalidation but are often grave threats – of growing scope and severity>
If you live in a city, your chances of being involved victim of a criminal act go up, and as cities grow in size, crime grows even faster. But not all crimes go up at the same rate.  Rape grows only linearly, at roughly the same pace as a city's population, while car theft and robbery compound and outpace the>
As an ethical hedonist, the 18th-19th-century English utilitarian philosopher and proto-bleeding-heart-liberal Jeremy Bentham, believed that right and wrong could be determined by weighing the “pleasures” and “pains” of any given action, with an action that produced more pleasure than pain being morally right>
Wind tunnel experiments to determine the role of asymmetry caused by the orientation of a volleyball on its aerodynamic characteristics found that it would be easy to make a volleyball more predictable; with a hexagonal or dimpled pattern instead of six panels, each made with three parallel rectangular strips >
LOS ANGELES, August 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation announced today the formation of the National Youth Leadership Committee for the Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration. Each of these 38 young athletes, entertainers, and student leaders has been inspired in a personal way by President>
It's not often you can boil down complicated abstract ideas about science or culture into simple concepts everyone can understand.  Gems like "for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction" don't come along every day.   But every time someone asks me what science is like I simply say "You've>