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The Breakthrough Institute has breathlessly announced that "acclaimed actor, producer and philanthropist Pierce Brosnan" will host the Breakthrough Prize ceremony, which they have self-declared is the “Oscars of Science”, on November 4th.

Does 0.4% chocolate ice cream and 99.6% vanilla not make vanilla? What Senator Warren does not get is that her ancestors did not pay the price of being American Indian in the last 200 + years at least.   That is why it is bogus for her to claim that identity.

Gender critical feminism being used as a smoke screen for anti-transgender views is  a direct consequence of the transgender community abandoning the notion of brain sex.  Brain sex was a testable hypothesis that has since been tested out as true.  Yet so much activism has been built on gender identity.  Two ideas which are based on social realities gender roles and markers of identity.  This left a way for hateful people who call themselves feminist to sound reasonable. 


The Transsexual Brain Is Real DEAL WITH IT.


Once upon a time, non-fat milk (the cream removed) was only used for fattening pigs. It was clearly a technological process to remove the cream but it is not considered "unnatural" - in 2012, the Obama administration even told schools to start serving it as a healthier alternative to regular milk. Meanwhile, the same administration delayed a salmon because it had a gene from a similar salmon that would allow it to grow all year 'round. The second technology was "unnatural."

This originated as my answer to a question on the Quora question and answer site: "In what general knowledge domains do alternatives to Wikipedia exist that are significantly superior?". Of course there are examples of much better specialist encyclopedias for various knowledge domains. But you can also do better than Wikipedia using content derived from Wikipedia itself. I think my own new wikis are an example of this, for a simple reason. Because we can fix various errors that can't be fixed there and add new content that can't be added there.

Once upon a time we all knew what censorship was, who the good and bad guys were, and what could be done to make the world a better place. Look up the noun “censor” in the Oxford English Dictionary and you’ll find an outline of a much-told story under definition 2 (b):

“An official in some countries whose duty it is to inspect all books, journals, dramatic pieces, etc, before publication, to secure that they shall contain nothing immoral, heretical, or offensive to the government.”

Attributing the first instance of this usage to the English poet John Milton, the lexicographers illustrated it with a quotation from his anti-censorship pamphlet, Areopagitica (1644):

The worst effects of the UK’s housing crisis include rising levels of homelessness, and growing numbers of people being housed in unsafe or overcrowded conditions. According to the charity Crisis, 59,890 households were accepted as homeless in England in 2017. And according to recent statistics, 27% of privately rented homes and 13% of homes in the social housing sector are not classed as “decent”.

Dilation, the most misunderstood aspect of transsexual life.  Common misconceptions and vicious lies say that it is to keep open an oozing bleeding wound that will scab over and heal up like a cut without dilation.    NO.  It is painful ….it can be.  It is sexual and nasty… NO!    In this blog and the below video recorded a week ago I will give my personal observations of it.   

If you search Wikipedia for present day habitats on Mars, then you will find many articles about Mars colonization, but on the idea that there might be microhabitats for present day life there, you'll find almost nothing. You'll find my Present day Mars habitability analogue environments on Earth but nothing about the possible habitats they are analogues of. So why is this? Well there was an article on this until just a week or two ago, but it is now deleted.

On Sunday evening, John Oliver of HBO's "Last Week Tonight" took a break from talking about Paul Manafort's clothing to talk about public trust in science. Well, sort of. Really, he claimed he wanted to expose "astroturf" groups - fake organizations that look like real "grassroots" ones. You can imagine how I surprised I was on Saturday when I found out he was going to be talking about me.