I discovered the Scientific Blogging site while preparing the next episode of my Books and Ideas Podcast , which is going to be a discussion of Dr. Lee M. Silver 's excellent book Challenging Nature . Therefore, I must admit that I am more of a podcaster than blogger. However, my primary goal is similar to most science bloggers in that I want to promote an understanding of science and the scientific method among general audiences.

The general format of both of my podcasts is to pick books aimed at general audiences and discuss them. I think I am realistic in assuming that few of my listeners will read the books I discuss, so my goal is to communicate the key ideas in a clear, concise manner. Recently, I have added author interviews, which I think are really great because they offer authors the chance to talk un-interrupted and in detail. I think the podcast format is an excellent opportunity for scientists interested in sharing their ideas with the general public.

My hope is that I will make contacts within the Scientific Blogging community that will help me to make better podcasts and also provide an outlet for scientists that would like to reach more people.

Clearly, the problems and challenges facing humankind will require a better educated public than we currently have.