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Though there are science and engineering hurdles to overcome, governments are keen on using food for fuel. Corn is most common right now but sugar is also a target for legislators who want to pivot away from conventional energy.Brazil is understandably interested in getting out in front of the issue. Sugarcane is>
Air in England, the United States and most of Europe is now cleaner than it's been in over a century, but you wouldn't know that if you read populist epidemiology claims, which have redefined pollution from PM10, dangerous soot like black carbon, to PM2.5, which you can only detect with an electron microscope, and>
Hugh Gray was taking his usual post-church walk around Loch Ness in Scotland on a November Sunday in 1933. His amble was disrupted when he saw something bobbing above the water two or three feet from him. He quickly snapped several pictures of what he described to the Scottish Daily Record as “an object of>
Monitoring slow earthquakes may provide the basis for reliable prediction in areas where slow quakes trigger normal earthquakes. Geoscientists looked at the mechanisms behind slow earthquakes and found that 60 seconds before slow stick slip began in their laboratory samples, a precursor signal appeared.  Normal>
New research shows that surface waters of the Chukchi and Beaufort seas could reach levels of acidity that threaten the ability of animals to build and maintain their shells by 2030, with the Bering Sea reaching this level of acidity by 2044.  "Our research shows that within 15 years, the chemistry of these>