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As young children worldwide protest over climate change, I thought I'd do a post about Bernie Sanders' Green Climate Change plan. (click to watch on Youtube) Bernie Sanders' idea is one of many ideas but one of the ones that promises the most radical action most quickly. He plans to spend $16 trillion on>
Wind energy is regarded by many as the most viable source of short-term renewable energy. Optimal operation of new generation wind turbines will only be possible through the reliable measurement of the wind inflow characteristics. Experience has shown that accurate power generation estimation based on wind speed>
On July 15 971, the bones of St Swithin were removed from their resting place on the order of Aethelwold, Bishop of Winchester, and placed in a shrine inside the cathedral. The saint, it seemed, did not approve. A violent storm followed, and rain fell for 40 days. And from that story came the belief that the weather>
A new species called Gondwanascorpio emzantsiensis is now the oldest known land-living animal discovered in Gondwana. Dr. Robert Gess, from the Evolutionary Studies Institute at Wits University, discovered the 350 million year old fossilized scorpion from rocks of the Devonian Witteberg Group near Grahamstown.Explaining>
Grímsvötn Ash PlumeGrímsvötn, an ice-capped volcano in the south of Iceland is currently erupting.  The ice cap is quite extensive and thick, so unless there are unknown sub-surface fissures, extensive local flooding is unlikely to result from the eruption.The volcano is likely to melt only the ice immediately>
San Francisco is worried that highway 37 may be in danger of flooding. They invoke environmental justice, of course, but it's really about rich people going to their second homes in Napa's wine country on weekends. Rich people need peasants toiling to feel elite and without roads they can't get there.Yet if San Francisco>