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Artwork is one of the newest purchasable commodities on the crypto market, thanks to a new technology known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NPR informs us that an NFT is a crypto token that isn't interchangeable but is tied to a specific commodity. The easiest way to think about them is an analog to how they're being>
A new paper shows that a selling feature of electric cars, fast-charging stations along highways, actually subject batteries to high temperatures and high resistance that can cause them to crack, leak, and lose their storage capacity. >
An analysis of noble gases dissolved in groundwater finds that the low-to-mid latitude land surfaces at low elevation cooled on average by 11 degrees Fahrenheit during the Last Glacial Maximum - the ice age.Prior to modern times, ice ages were about 90,000 of every 100,000 years. Since it has been 12,000 years since>
Afraid of  being eaten alive? Most folks are. Lucky for those living in Nigeria today the dinosaurs went extinct some 65 million years ago. Had they lived on, one of the fiercest meat-eating killers on the planet would be wreaking havoc in Africa. Those frightening killers do live on in the fossil record, though>
When we experience disasters like the earthquake in Haiti January 2010, we naturally ask the questions: Could we have known (early warning)? Could we have been prepared (mitigation plans)?Haiti on the Hispaniola island in the Caribbean. Credit: USGS>
The Red Sea is about 1000 miles long and at most just over 170 miles wide. The Greeks called it a sea but they also called the Persian Gulf a sea.It may instead be an ocean, because an ocean basin exists between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The Greeks did not know that and the problem in knowing now is that the>