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Dilation, the most misunderstood aspect of transsexual life.  Common misconceptions and vicious lies say that it is to keep open an oozing bleeding wound that will scab over and heal up like a cut without dilation.    NO.  It is painful ….it can be.  It is sexual and nasty… NO!    In this blog and the below video recorded a week ago I will give my personal observations of it.   

If you search Wikipedia for present day habitats on Mars, then you will find many articles about Mars colonization, but on the idea that there might be microhabitats for present day life there, you'll find almost nothing. You'll find my Present day Mars habitability analogue environments on Earth but nothing about the possible habitats they are analogues of. So why is this? Well there was an article on this until just a week or two ago, but it is now deleted.

On Sunday evening, John Oliver of HBO's "Last Week Tonight" took a break from talking about Paul Manafort's clothing to talk about public trust in science. Well, sort of. Really, he claimed he wanted to expose "astroturf" groups - fake organizations that look like real "grassroots" ones. You can imagine how I surprised I was on Saturday when I found out he was going to be talking about me.

The Illinois Education Association is a state level component of the National Education Association. As one of the largest teachers unions in the country it may represent your college professors and your college teachers. The actions of unions in the past are why we have a 5 day work week, 8 hour work day, a lunch break, a minimum wage and a lot of other things we now take for granted.

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There is very little I love more than the world wide web. No, seriously, I mean it.

Internet has changed my life more than any other "thing" around, and it has provided me with an enormous wealth - information, knowledge, simplification of otherwise difficult tasks, ease of access to data, solution to problems, connection with people all over the world, possibility to broadcast and publish. And entertainment, online gaming, music, videos, free porn, free movies, paid movies. I could go on, of course.

Crunchyroll, Funimation and others have perpetuated the miseducation, and knowingly or unknowingly promoted anti LGBT bigotry in a generation of geeks in the western world.  Once people are miseducated it is really hard to reeducate them in the right way.  Companies like Crunchyroll and Funimation have misrepresented the culture of Japan in relation to Transgender people.  Anime, you may ask, why should this form of media matter to senior scientist… because a lot of your junior researchers and students are or have been fans of it.  Along with Sci Fi and Fantasy Anime is one of the big three genre’s of fiction that appeal to the modern geek.  Sadly it is teaching a l

In 2016, more than 42,000 Americans died of an opioid-related overdose, which is alarming - but most of those deaths were not accidents by pain patients or suicides, they were recreational drug users.

There are numerous obstacles to making meaningful progress. For one, legitimate pain patients have become more stigmatized - government is blaming doctors and pharmacy rather than drug dealers - and that means people who want to kick their addiction are even more ostracized. 
There is talk in America of adding even more nutrition information to food labels, but as long as entire industries are exempt from evidence-based claims, it won't do much good. It will still be woo central in the supplement, holistic, and weight-loss camps.

The European Association for the Study of Obesity investigated the legality of on-pack nutrition and health claims routinely found on commercially available meal replacement shakes for sale in the UK and found that over 75 percent are in violation of EU Nutrition and Health Claims regulations. 

Suicide rates in the U.S. have increased nearly 30 percent in less than 20 years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported June 7. These mind-numbing statistics were released the same week two very famous, successful and beloved people committed suicide – Kate Spade, a tremendous entrepreneur, trendsetter and fashion icon, and Anthony Bourdain, a distinguished chef and world traveler who took us on gastronomic journeys to all corners of the world through his TV shows.

Deep ancestry by DNA is not as straight forward as a paternity test.  Simplistic assumptions can lead to grave misunderstandings which are not helped by how DNA test are marketed.  I had my DNA tested by and I am waiting for results from National Geographic’s Genographic Project 2.0.  Using the raw data from and open source tools found at I found some perplexing results for those who are not scientifically trained. 
UPDATED below with my National Geographic Geno 2.0 information and a really odd result.   

UPDATED Further below I show my new result as of september 24 2018. Don't exchange leiderhosen for a kilt based on this stuff.