Based on the comments to me first post I realized that many of you may be unfamilar with podcasting. First of all, you don't need an iPod™ or even an mp3 player. Podcasts are basically audio or video recordings that are placed on the internet so that others can listen to them later. Most podcasters try to put out their shows on a regular basis and their listeners can subscribe via RSS feeds, so that they get each episode when it is available. So podcasting is based on the same RSS feed system that makes monitoring multiple blogs easy. In fact, if you are using a RSS aggregator to read this blog, you can also use it to get most podcasts.

Right now there are relatively few science podcasts compared to those on technology, entertainment, and science fiction. Right now, some of the best ones come from mainstream sources like Science , Nature , and Scientific American Magazine. NPR also posts Science Friday as a podcast. A good independent podcast is Fraser Cain's Astronomy Cast and if you want video, check out Slacker Astronomy .

I am always looking for good science podcasts, so if you have a favorite please post a comment or send me an emai.