KARLSRUHE, Germany, October 20 /PRNewswire/ -- RapidSolution Software AG has just published on its website, at http://audials.com, the 3rd generation of AudialsOne. AudialsOne 3 comprises the new versions of Radiotracker Platinum, Tunebite Platinum, MP3videoraptor Platinum, Audials TV and Tagrunner. With this new version, AudialsOne is leveraging even more the individual products' synergies and thus confidently claims to be the provider of the best software for obtaining and editing media.

The undisputed Number One for the legal creation and expansion of a free music library

Those who like to get massive amounts of music sorted by categories or using a wish list have considered AudialsOne the undisputed Number One for the targeted and free of charge creation of song and music video collections. Every 25 seconds on average, AudialsOne fulfills a music request from its global network of 3,500 monitored web radios. After fans enter the artist name order song titles, MP3s and music videos can be downloaded immediately and converted to any target format for mobile devices.

AudialsOne 3 allows users to play music that perfectly matches the mood from downloaded wish lists available in the new Audials Community.

The best from 80 musical styles, 20,000 web radios and 70,000 artists is just a click away

The number of web radios available on AudialsOne has increased to more than 20,000 with the launch of Version 3. The country of origin of the web radios can now be identified by national flags. Users can now compile and manage a variety of favorites lists from the web radios. To create its own radio program, AudialsOne 3 is adding so-called social web radios, such as Last.fm, Pandora, Soundclick, Yahoo Launchcast and other stations.

Perfect synching with mobile devices from Apple and next generation cell phones

The also included AAC audio format web radios are new as well. Devices such as the Apple iPod, Apple iPhone or Walkman cell phones by Sony Ericsson can play AAC file format music without any problems. The new version also outperforms its predecessor in terms of artist selection from the database driven by popularity and listening frequency. The portfolio of artists comparable to those the user is searching for and the pertinent music genres are a lot broader and have been greatly improved in terms of precision.

Web video recording devices

Web videos sourced on YouTube and other video portals can now be automatically recorded and stored in the background by the AudialsOne video recorder while you watch them - in the appropriate display format for every mobile device. A special feature that comes with underage viewer block is the option that allows the recording of videos from erotic content portals using the AudialsOne solution.

Music file copy protection issues can be solved even quicker

AudialsOne now has 27 virtual sound cards on board to eliminate copy protection problems by recording and playing music and audio books at speeds of up to 54 times the normal speed. This speed advantage is particularly noticeable if you are working with a larger quantity of music files. Users with player software that includes a CD burning function can burn music files to a virtual CD with the assistance of AudialsOne, from which AudialsOne can convert the files into any format you might want.

Top quality entertainment

AudialsOne now boasts even more web radios that broadcast music in qualities ranging from 128 to 320 kBit/s. The selection function for music and other videos delivers better search results along with higher quality videos thanks to an improved rating system.

The new PerfectAudio technology now used by AudialsOne in the universal converter ensures that the user gets only perfect audio files without copy protection once re-recording is complete. Even the post video conversion recording quality of copy protected movies has been drastically improved in AudialsOne thanks to a new algorithm.

Simplified operation and enhanced user convenience

Users are now no longer required to know the file format of their devices in order to convert files. The required target format can be selected from an overview sorted by cell phone, MP3 player, game console and other player manufacturers. This simplifies significantly the selection of a profile despite the more than 100 target formats for music, audio books and movies. The podcast administration in AudialsOne has been further developed and integrated. The CD burner function has been enhanced. Along with the improved included player, users can now play music optionally on Winamp, Apple iTunes and Windows Media Player. The automatic completion of the songs with ID3-tags, cover images and song lyrics as well as the display of the former is even easier than in the previous version.

About RapidSolution

RapidSolution Software AG is a leading company in the entertainment software sector. Products available from RapidSolution can be found online at Audials.com or at international retailers. Some of the most popular brands of the company include AudialsOne, Tunebite, Radiotracker and MP3videoraptor.

RapidSolution Software AG Erbprinzenstrasse 27 76133 Karlsruhe Germany Telefax: +49-721-66-33-88-19

RapidSolution Software AG: Erbprinzenstrasse 27, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany, Telefax: +49-721-66-33-88-19