KARLSRUHE, Germany, November 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- RapidSolution Software has released Product Generation 8 of its Windows Software products Audials One, Audials Radiotracker, Audials Tunebite and Audials Mediaraptor at http://Audials.com, with new functions for enjoying free entertainment from the web.

Standardised version number for all Audials software products

The history of the Audials product range began in 2004, with Radiotracker and Tunebite, which are still among the most frequently sold PC programs for live online radio recording and for resolving media file format problems. The complete Audials One package was released in 2007. This enables music, films, video and radio to be found, recorded, downloaded, converted and enjoyed. RapidSolution software now takes the step to version 8 for all products in the Audials range.

Improved radio reception and recordings

The radio functions provided in previous versions, which were described as excellent by leading specialist magazines, have been improved yet again. With around 50,000 internet radios, even more broadcasters are now categorised for users to record and enjoy in a clearer way in the largest online radio index available. The new version 8 now enables complete albums to be recorded and saved in an even more precisely edited way.

Search function finds more music on the internet

More music websites and video portals have been added. The results list for searches is now clearer and configured on the basis of music albums. Audials software can now differentiate between music videos and slideshows accompanied by music, and can save videos and music as MP3 files depending on the selected settings.

Improved recording function for internet content

Music services are now available that only allow music to be listened to using proprietary software or within the browser. Audials software can now record this audio streaming at the highest quality, isolate each individual piece of music and automatically save them with ID3 tags, images from the music albums and lyrics. Videos and films can be automatically recorded and saved from all internet pages and online video stores. The controls have also been simplified considerably.

More optimised profiles for mobile phones and iPhones etc.

In Version 8, the revised video converter provides high-quality results, for example with h.264 coding. The re-recording of DRM copy-protected videos with SD or HD 720p resolution has also been improved. Over 50 profiles are now available for the most popular devices. Optimally synchronised profiles for smartphones, Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod, PS3, Xbox and many mobile phones provide improved results and simplified controls compared to predecessors.

Protect your own DVD collections from the ravages of time and enjoy movies on the move

The lifetime of purchased film DVDs is often limited, no matter how carefully they are used and stored. Previously, consumers were forced to accept the fact that, sooner or later, some of their DVDs would no longer be playable. For the first time, Audials One and Audials Tunebite now provide the opportunity to archive protected films on DVD by legally re-recording them as private copies. In most countries, cracking the DVD content scrambling system (CSS) is prohibited. The Audials software, however, provides a legal alternative in Generation 8: a legally purchased DVD can be re-recorded while it is being played using the Audials software, without breaking any laws. If required, the film can also be immediately converted to the right screen resolution and correct file format for all mobile devices. During recording, only DVD content being played is accessed. This is permitted by the copyright protection.

Audials as an entertainment centre

In Version 8, developers pushed ahead with the further simplification of controls for the constantly growing range of functions.

Music, podcasts and videos can all be played using the improved Audials software player. As a new feature, the Audials software enables the user to rerecord music and video collections on an online storage area provided by cloud storage services. Music, videos & films can thus be accessed anywhere using mobile devices that can connect to the internet, e.g. via a UMTS flatrate.

Start your own media collection from just 19.90 euros

In the future, RapidSolution Software will be offering the Audials Mediaraptor 8 at a permanently reduced price of 19.90 euros on Audials.com instead of the RRP of 29.90 euros. Audials Tunebite 8 and Audials Radiotracker 8 are still available at the same price as last year, with a RRP of 39.90 euros. And Audials One 8 can still be purchased online and in shops at the RRP of 59.90 euros.

About RapidSolution

RapidSolution Software AG is a leading producer of entertainment software. Audials One, Audials Radiotracker, Audials Tunebite and Audials Mediaraptor are available online at Audials.com or from international specialist retailers. Audials software is optimised for use with the Windows 7, Vista and XP operating systems.

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