LONDON, October 28 /PRNewswire/ -- RapidSolution Software AG publishes the new generation 2010 of its software AudialsOne 4, Radiotracker 6, Tunebite 7 and Mediaraptor 4 optimised for PC and Netbooks for Windows 7, Vista and XP, on the internet at

Audials is the leading software for legally supplying users with free music, videos and films from the internet in the correct file format. The Audials range software ranks among the best-selling titles available on the market and the most popular downloads on the internet and recently achieved international recognition by winning the Software of the Year 2009 poll organised by Softwareload, with 400,000 participants in the music category.

Audials software becomes freeware for entertainment free of charge

The AudialsOne flagship is now available for download as freeware at The AudialsOne 4 freeware is designed to meet the basic needs of every user with a Windows PC looking for free music, videos and solutions for file format problems.

The freeware includes a radio player with 30,000 internet radio stations. The user can choose according to music genre, countries and names of radio stations such as SWR3 or EinsLive. The radio stations can be also be selected based on 70,000 musicians. Podcasts, available for listening to or viewing, offer a diverse repertoire of other free entertainment. Using the freeware, videos from YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace, Clipfish and MyVideo can be recorded and automatically saved in the desired file format. In addition, the soundtrack from recorded music videos can be saved as an MP3 music track. Music, podcasts, audio books, ringtones, voice recordings and many other audio files can be converted using the AudialsOne 4 freeware. MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, FLAC and WMA Pro are available as free file formats for recording and output. The freeware does not involve any registration, hidden fees, subscription services or the like, and it functions with no time limit.

PerfectRadio, a unique innovation worldwide, further enhances editions which involve payment of a fee

As early as 2007 RapidSolution software made history by introducing the wishlist. To this day only Audials software offers the possibility of monitoring up to 3,000 of the most important internet radio stations simultaneously, with a network of millions of user installations all over the world. In this way specific music requests can be satisfied in an average of 25 seconds. With the introduction of the 2010 product generation, history has been made again with PerfectRadio technology.

PerfectRadio is new technology based on audio fingerprint which perfects cutting pieces of music from radio broadcasts within the distributed network of user installations. Therefore, opening and closing remarks and advertisements are automatically eliminated as undesirable elements and duplicate recordings avoided. Customers can decide whether the internet radio recorder software should only record pieces of music in their original length or abridged with any undesirable elements removed in the best possible way. PerfectRadio revolutionises radio recording because, for the first time ever, any internet radio transmissions can also be used to record individual pieces of music without including the extra information on the song which is transmitted as well.

Evolution - simplified, accelerated and enhanced

At a time when software requires ever more storage and thus longer installation cycles, Audials shows that it can also be done differently. At its largest AudialsOne had a file size of almost 120 MB, whereas AudialsOne 4 now comes to the customer streamlined, simplified and accelerated at just over 70 MB. AudialsOne 4 is now especially appealing thanks to its new easier to operate user interface and better integration of products that were formerly stand-alone. The new wishlist combines monitoring thousands of radio stations with a direct search function in social radio stations and portals and so satisfies specific music requests either as mp3 or music videos at unprecedented speed.

Record anything - convert anything

Since 2004, Tunebite has been the tried and tested solution for problems with DRM copy protection, and with 100 output formats has been the universal converter for music, audio books and videos for years. With the new 2010 product generation, Audials software is also a universal recorder for users to record any media published on the internet in the appropriate file format for PC, mobile phone, iPhone, iPod, PSP, Xbox and many other mobile devices with superior quality. This makes Audials software the universal recorder for internet radio stations, social radio stations (e.g., video clips and even films. Another new function allows pieces of music to be recorded from any websites, search engines or blogs automatically with one click and stored on the user's hard drive in the required file format.

New priorities of users incorporated

More and more users want to be entertained by videos and films. Audials software offers the ideal tools as videos viewed on any internet portal can now be recorded automatically and converted into a file format compatible with any playing device.

A head start through innovation with HD films from online video rental services

For a long time, problems with legal recordings of copy-protected films in HD 720p were regarded by software manufacturers as technically not solvable since the average PC offered insufficient performance for this task. As the pioneer of legal recordings of copy-protected media, RapidSolution Software has now reliably solved this problem with its newly developed PerfectVideo technology. Any HD films bought on the internet can now be converted for playing on any user devices without any loss of quality. More and more online video shops can now be found on the internet. A customer can hire films using his/her subscription. Now, rather than having to return the film, it simply cannot be viewed after a few days. With Audials software, films are recorded automatically while they are being viewed and converted into any file format required.

Cinema classics free of charge

With the new product generation, RapidSolution is one of the few software manufacturers to offer software which allows recording of videos and films available for viewing on the internet in RTMP-E file format. Using screenshot-based recording, Audials software now also supplies cinema classics free of charge from internet platforms such as

Introductory prices at and in the shops

The 2010 product generation is on offer with AudialsOne 4 and its editions Radiotracker 6, Tunebite 7 and Mediaraptor 4 in the shops and from many internet partners, but primarily in the online shop, with introductory prices and special discounts of up to 25%. These editions are now available for a limited time at EUR 29.90 instead of the usual EUR 39.90. AudialsOne 4 is available online at for EUR 44.90 per download instead of the usual EUR 59.90.

About RapidSolution

RapidSolution Software AG is a leading entertainment software company. RapidSolution Software solutions are available online at or from specialist dealers throughout the world. With the slogan Unterhaltung cool clever (Entertainment cool smart), today's products in the Audials brand from RapidSolution Software represent the innovations of tomorrow . Radiotracker, Tunebite and Mediaraptor have emerged from AudialsOne as award-winning and well-known brands with the following core functions:

Summary of Radiotracker

80 genres of music and over 30,000 internet radio stations ensure variety. The unique wishlist fulfils specific music requests from over 70,000 artists. Pieces of music are recorded automatically with superior quality, cut with a unique system and stored using ID3 tags, cover pictures and lyrics. Podcast entertainment and media management included.

Summary of Tunebite

Record, convert and manage music, movies and videos from the internet, from music subscription services and from online video rental stores.

Remove DRM copy protection from music, audio books and video files with superior quality and multi-speed by re-recording. 100 output formats and an editor for individual customisations to suit all devices at home and on the move.

Short description of Mediaraptor

Find music tracks and music videos systematically, at lightning speed. Record social radio stations. Record web videos. Automatically convert recordings into a file format suitable for any device. Media management included.

Contact: Norman F. Forderer RapidSolution Software AG Tel: +49-721-6633880

SOURCE: RapidSolution Software AG

CONTACT: Contact: Norman F. Forderer, RapidSolution Software AG, Tel:+49-721-6633880.