I'm forwarding on this call to action!  Over at Universe Today, editor Nancy Atkison announces:
Calling all podcasters! The award-winning 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast is proud to announce the project will continue for another 365 days, and is now accepting sign-ups for participants for 2010
If you pod on astronomy, sign up!  If you're an astronomer (amateur or pro) and you don't podcast-- sign up.  Learn.  Deliver.

I'm booked with 365DOA (love the acronym) for the third Friday of each month, and delivered my first (ever) this week.  It took longer to get my initial audio setup working than to record, edit, or transcribe the transcript, so do allow yourself extra time prepping your first one.  And they are due 30 days before airtime, including a written transcript.

So to recap: a fabulous opportunity to podcast on space, and great way for listeners to hear the best and brightest.

Hear you there in January!

Alex, the Daytime Astronomer

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